Wednesday, 29 July 2015

[Bolt Action] Soviet Naval Infantry, help wanted.

So no time really but had to get a project of some kind going. Haven't painted anything since finishing up my ANZAC's for the Great War exhibit diorama. I've actually spotted a couple of the minis I painted. Which I didn't expect, but I realised that there were a few sculpts that I painted all of.
Anyhow need some help.
Here's what I have;

Mixed Black Tree and Warlord sculpts. 

The partisans are all Black Tree, as is the Maxim.
thats two 12 man Naval squads, roughly 9 Ppsh41, 2 Mosina and a DP each. Just one officer as well as a maxim gun with crew and a PTRD.
For support I have 12 partisans with papasha as well as a couple sniper rifles.

I figure I should get a Zis-3 and a 82mm mortar. Flamethrower?!
But what else do I need?
More troops?
I'm very jealous of Craigs M3 armoured car.

Any ideas are appreciated. People with the Soviet books chime in!
Jamie and Craig I'm looking at you.;-)


  1. Hi Adam, might be an idea to get the models that appeal? They used M3Ls (ie Stuart's) for an actual ambhibious operation. I would suggest heavier over lighter where guns are concerned. Likewise, direct fire over indirect. Given the timeframe of a BA game, indirect light things may end up doing nothing. Basically this is commando comics: the miniatures game for me so I say just get whatever looks cool Vehicle wise.

    1. Hey Jamie! I found some pics of those M3L's, plus I like the idea I can use it for my Marines as well. I think you are right for BA with the indirect, it isn't that well represented in the game. The designers may have watched Apocalypse Now once too often.;-)
      My wish list is now M3 armoured car, M5 Stuart (until I find a nice M3), Zis 3, 82mm Mortar, Sdkfz 251 w Pak...

  2. I'm gonna have to credit Pooch with the best idea so far.
    The SU-76!
    Ubiquitus, under represented in gaming, it has a Zis-3 76mm main gun and the exposed crew compartment to maintain that gypsy look.
    Saving gold coins...

  3. SU 76 is great in BA.

    If after an M3 I highly recmmend the Blitzkrieg M3 honey. Blitzkrieg as the nicest resins kits I've bought by a mile.

    Can be bought fro the Perry's.

    Once your Naval infantry are painted let me know and i'll pop up for a game