Friday, 13 November 2015

Getting Spun up for Summer Break

USMC MV-22 Osprey getting ready to distribute (Stolen from OAF)
 Cue Slayer...segue into Wagner, then the Stones...

COIN Class is in session
 I have plans on this game, to explore and actually play a few games. It is very well reviewed and seems to me to be very interesting and well put together. It is not however nit a beer and pretzels gig. I will need to get stuck in, and summer is a good time to do this!

Finally did some modelling, assembly is Pooch.
 This is for my Bolt Action or Chain of Command or Force on Force WW2. How could I resist a homeless M8 Greyhound? Chris had built it up stock and decided to stick with 1/56 scale models for his 28mm. Oh the dogma.;-) Looks like I'm again falling away like a betamax tape...

Got to bust out some cool stowage I had around.
I also have another favorite vehicle from my Flames lists, an M10 Tank Destroyer in the works. Both vehicles need crew. My first 28mm/ 1-48th vehicle in a while, love working in this scale. Love Tamiya models and I think they work well for 28mm minis and their battles, (which is good because I'm getting a collection!) There is so  much variation between manufacturers that it's always tough!


  1. Hi Adam, I like the Tamiya models too, they are really good for anything 'open topped' in paticular. Nathan and I also have some Warlord stuff (ie 1/56th) and to be honest it doesn't even look to weird even when we have the two different UCs on the table together on the table.

    As if you need MORE projects but Flames of War: Cold War gone hot (ie Team Yankee) is now totally a thing. All those BMPs and HINDs....

    1. Yeah I've seen those BF Team Yankee sets. Not actual models yet, but very enticing!
      I do like the warlord stuff but haven't got any yet. Need an SU-76 and an M8 Scott still.

    2. Team Yankee in 6mm is really tempting!

      And, super keen to play Fire in the Lake too!

    3. Hmmn why would you say that Chris?
      Same reason I would?
      We may have to go there some time but, my summer has just evaporated I think.