Tuesday, 10 March 2015

[Impetvs] Those bloody Byzantines Again

Had another throw down with Jamie and his disciplined crew of Romans. In this case of course they are the Holy Roman Empire of Byzantium. We ran half of our usual strength in an effort to speed up the game on a school night. So just 300 points in one command each.
I had four Cav-Med, four C-Light and three Foot-Light units, average command and a poor general.
Maximus had a single C-M, five(?) F-M (experienced and green), four F-L (archers and slingers) and a ballista.

The Byzantine baggage
All we knew was there was some very nice stuff right there for the taking. Gold, weapons, slaves, you name it...

Bulgarian baggage
We also intended to keep the dirty Holy Roman mitts off of our pigs and women!

Pecheneg and Bulgarian light cavalry leading the mediums
Ingeniously stacked up in the middle! C-L's in front and C-M's behind.

Those Bulgar nobles know how to dress
I usually run six of these quote medium cavalry endquote. So today I was feeling a bit thin.

Slavic javelinmen covering our right flank
Love these units, good staying power, a decent ranged attack at close. Cheaper than cavalry.

Impetuous medium cavalry
This unit is always scary but my C-L's were able to shoot them to death when they attacked and their support faltered. Then we ate them and their horses...

I can pretty much guarantee that I will attack Maimus on sight. He has invaded our lands like some kind of codependent. We require his head on a spear.

Medium (or heavy) infantry in Jamie's distinctive checkerboard formation
It's a good tactic with these units it make them very hard to isolate or finish off. Also he can springboard off of them pretty well.

Dirty slingers from Rhodes probably
Jamie is often very dangerous with these but tonight he wasn't having his usual luck.

Slavic peltasts push up the right in support
My Slavs got hammered by the archers and the ballista on my right. They held pretty well, making decent rolls and only slowly losing VBU.

The Khans wingman smites some Roman medium infantry
My C-M's weren't shy jumping forward into the Roman lines multiple times after they were prepped by Composite B fire from the C-L's. (So disrupted usually.)

He likes to lead from the front. Just outside of the frame...
Here he is at it again! I think he popped that unit as well, but soon after we took a few hits from those pesky Roman infantry.

Some seriously battered cavalry
By closing time we had both seriously put the boot into each other but I had killed more points worth.
So finally a narrow victory against Maximus!
Thanks Jamie very fun game! I thought that you would get a report out first. Sorry about eating your equestrians.


  1. Replies
    1. It was good fun and Jamie's army looks awesome.
      Cheers mate!

  2. Nice report with beautiful armies, love your Bulgarian baggage...

    1. Thanks mate! When I found out that they used a version of yurts (ger) I was all over it.
      My wife helped too. The minis are from Gripping Beast.

  3. I'm just in one of my periodic 'can't find time to blog' phases. Its like my fourth child, always losing it to the other three :p

    Cool report, even if you did omitt the classic shot of that bloodied cav unit escaping death (and saving just enough Vd to foil me from breaking the army) by running and hiding in a Forest! Inconceivable! It was a great battle. :-)

    1. Are you saying that this is a propaganda department?!!
      Well, you would be right, but, though I remember that horrific incident, sadly I have no pictures.
      Also it wouldn't have been enough to break me istr. Though 3 Vd is alot I think that it would have brought us even. (might have required a test?)
      But it was weeks ago now. Give me a partial victory for your concession to having 125% of my casualties and crossing half the board.
      Fun game in any case!

    2. Most importantly, we ate your Equestrians!

    3. "equestrians" and Rome always reminds me of that "what is your profession" line leonidas throws at the part timers in 300. My horsemen are professional patricians. Definitely not professional soldiers. Best horse I can get are sarmatian Auxiliaries. Based on the break point you told me 3 vd was exactly enough. However, they had already won a combat after being charged in the rear. So I think that even if I did catch them it was far from a sure thing that I would kill them. Or only a sure thing in my own mind lol

    4. Sorry bro just got back. Well just because they are bad professionals doesn't make them seasonal tribesmen.;-)

  4. Nice Report Adam!

    Great to see Maximus lose...sorry Jamie but I really do hate that guy. Envy for sure but I never seem to be able to crack those guys! Even when I play them too!

    Adam your army is boss. Love the Ger with pigs and women :)