Saturday, 7 March 2015

[Sangin] Radio Dishdash Taliban minis

My aggressor forces have been sadly lacking for some time. I recently however got these three 'leftovers' from Pooch. These are by Radio Dishdash and are very cool sculpts by Ebob, the same sculpter who has done their excellent modern ANZACs. Like those minis his experience really shows with excellent scale and proportion. Perhaps more important is the sense of action in the poses, even the walking sculpts have a very good animated look to them.
The details are great as well, with appropriate clothing, weaponry, and accessories.;-)
The costumes are the usual mix of shalwar kameez, woolen vests, sandals, turbans, beards and light weaponry!

With an armored tactical vest underneath his woolen vest.
He is usually going to be the boss. Need to finish the base as well.

The PKM is always around as well.
I have repainted this turban, don't worry folks! Got it, basing required...

This is what I am talking about. Action shot!
He will be a tactical leader type, just look at that pose! Great sculpt!
They have ten different models so far and I will be getting more.

First batch is done, working on the second.
Note black boots and lighter mattock handle were both corrected.


  1. Very very nice work Adam! Just started assembling my second batch of Turks today. Painting tomorrow!

    1. Thanks Rodger!
      My second batch is assembled and base-coated. Painting soon...

  2. I'm still trying to withstand the urgent need to delve into ultra modern in 28mmm and you're coming along with such nicely sculpted and painted figures. Not really helpful that is!

    1. Come to the dark side! Come, we're always hiring.;-)
      Thanks mate.