Monday, 16 February 2015

[Sangin] BMNT (Beginning of Morning Nautical Twilight) Local Raid of Opportunity

So Simon and I hadn't played Sangin in a bit so we decided to have a go. First off he showed off some really cool new Empress minis he has for his Bad Guy (tm) pile. Russian 'Green Men' as well as generic Central Asian baddies. Of course some of these could substitute for various Special Forces or Allies or whatever. Your definition of baddie may vary as well.;-)
I showed off Despatches 2.
We had a quick bash up in my garage with my limited terrain, but I think we have reasonable cover and terrain options etc. I am working on more.;-)
We each had 650 points or so with Simon defending and leaving half off table to arrive in a hilux within a couple turns of shooting starting.
I was arriving and placed within 6" of our ride the Afghan National Army Commando, Ford Ranger. We had to assault the compound. 80

Pre-dawn Predator surveillance indicates that Taliban aligned fighters are present.

US SOF mentored Afghan National Army Commandos debus in the neighborhood.

Immediately the government Ranger is spotted, then the ANA left flank security comes under fire!
Simon immediately spotted my single ANA left flank security and started popping off at him.

Being pipped right out of the bag isn't surprising so they go to work.
Everyone else started moving into position quickly. PKM and RPG to the roof for base of fire and left flank support. US SOF moving up towards the right. ANA NCO consolidating with his soldier on the left.

Left flank secure, base of fire onto the roof, pop smoke and rush...Go, Go. Go!
Once the SOF troopies are on position smoke goes over the hedge to cover their movement since firing is already going on.

Realising the size of the attack, the guard pulls back to the gate.
I think it was around now that Simon thought I was going to bore him to death with all my creeping around outside of LOS (line of sight).

ANA support weapons covering the objective as well as the left flank from the roof.
There was a lot of happy jawing going on as well, not noticing the time slip away...

USSOF working up the right flank. They know there is someone covering it but can't spot him!
Their PKM gunner on our right gets up to move to a better position and gets spotted by our PKM gunner on the roof. One long burst later and he's not getting up. Our ANA roof overwatchers continue their vigil.

ANA NCO and his driver won't be shown up by fancy pants Yanks! 
My ANA NCO was actually a Veteran as well as an NCO. Of course he was quite keen! His rifleman dutifully followed his impetuous charge.

A very surprised flank guard staring death in the face!
The tactic is the much vaunted technique attributed to the USMC, "Hey diddle diddle, straight up the middle!" Historians know that in fact it is from the British Great War Playbook.

Sometimes a well timed charge works...
Fun game Simon. When your reinforcements show up they will introduce a real headache. Too bad we couldn't finish. Next time!
Huzzah bro!


  1. Pretty cool adventure while it lasted, you've peaked my interest in your rules.

    1. If Simon's reinforcements had shown up it would have a been a s#^tshow indeed!
      Yeah it was cool, thanks Bacon!
      Definitely check them out at Radio Dishdash.

  2. Looking good bud- that table has come out really well. Each piece of terrain you are adding really improves the look of the table- those containers are looking sweet!

    As for Simon, he needs to get painting :)

    1. Thanks mate!
      All of Simon's Taliban were painted and mine are as well! (The green men and others are in the pile...his pile that is.)
      Posting mine soon.