Saturday, 10 January 2015

[X Wing] Aced!

Simon came over to give me a chance to play X Wing as it had been a while for me.
Got in a good chin wag as well of course lubricated with some excellent Harrington's beer!

Nice flying gents!

Two Defenders and an Interceptor! Tasty.

We had peeled of the *one* Defender's shields but Biggs was hammered already.

Some great flying all around actually. Biggs is gone...

This is the last thing Dutch saw.

Finally my last X Wing
 We played another game and this time I got a kill of sorts. So that's 0-3 and a 1-3. Well done Simon! -Uggh time to re jig my list! Break out my Rebel Aces along with an R95 and maybe a Y Wing for a hoot! Watch this space!

Also this...
Speaking of list re jigging... and painting.

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