Tuesday, 13 January 2015

[Fallout Skirmish] 'The Reavers are Here for Their Pound of Flesh.'

I have always loved this genre. I guess growing up in the cold war this was our pressure release. "We're all gonna die! But the survivors will be really screwed. Cool."

Then there was "A Boy and His Dog", "Mad Max" and "The Road Warrior". Digging deeper will get "The Omega Man", "Damnation Alley", "Soylent Green" and the Planet of the Apes series. It was thick as thieves and overlapped into reality, with real life survivalists as well.

Of course we ran tons of games, mostly RPG's, in this genre. The Morrow Project and Aftermath were both good. Often we went back to Traveller for the rules set and made up whatever we wanted to happen. Car Wars eventually provided vehicle vs. vehicle rules.

When Jason, Jamie and Andy mentioned this ages ago, I was like *lightbulb!* and began scrounging for raw material.

We're a happy family. We're a happy family. We're a happy family.
My idea was to have a gang of seriously depraved lunatics, the bad guys to foil the assorted solutions that the Brotherhood of Steel and the New Californians had come up with. Less control, more violence, more sex and more drugs. Equals win basically! Unless of course you mean tactically winning on the board, I mean't having more fun in your short, short life! They take more drugs than a touring funk band!

The Engineer and the Boss, one reeks of petrochemicals the other of too much perfume and petrochemicals.

'Siiid! What about the goodbye drugs!"
 Bad Music for Bad People. These represent a rotating cast of drug addicted manics ala Manson or Frank Booth. Re-purposed Shadowrun minis that I've had for over a decade.

'Loser' wants revenge for calling him a cannibal in high school.
 Nerdist, with Loser logo on shoulder and an autocannon!

'Vlad' has a ridiculous fake accent and a sword!
 'Vlad' the Impaler with a chain pistol and a sabre!

'Big Black' will frickin kill you. And you and you.
 The King, aka Big Black Soulstealer...

These maniacs should not have a weapon like this! Think  'killbot', 'Killy Killbot' in fact.
 I really like the idea of this gang having this hanging around, semi-sentient uncontrollable as yet.
They have no idea what it is or how dangerous it is. Neither do I, It isn't paid for in points yet so doesn't exist!

Nice old fashioned hovercraft. Somebody has access to petrochems! And a 'Ma Duece'.
 I love these old model hovercraft but I wish I had some Mad Max cars...sniff.

[Yes, I am all over Mad Max Fury Road like a bad rash. Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron et al, bring it!]


  1. An awesome mix of minis. The jet packs are amazing, but Killy Killbot is above top shelf. Very cool color scheme.

    1. Cheers mate! Just checked out your blog very cool stuff.
      Jet packs are just converted Chaos Reavers and the killbot is the drone from some Star Wars minis.