Sunday, 4 January 2015

First Day of Gaming in 2015!

So during the break I've done a bit of modelling as well as painting on some old projects indeed.
First up is my long forgotten Autosaharianas. Nearly done!

These are coming along. Nearly ready Andy!
 Then my forgotten Fallout army. Need to paint my jump troops and finish basing the rest of my Reavers. They need to score really bad, it's been ages.

Fallout! What's Fallout?
 On the first Jamie came over for a bash at Infinity. (I had played it once before with Martin and company last year, or longer ago.) I had just read over the new 3rd Edition rules. Free at Corvus Belli btw.

Eye of Sauron beer cap is my Fiday (Ninja). Ghulam and Djanbazan Sniper cover the right flank.

Jamie's Akalis combat jumped into my deployment zone!

Wrought havoc on my Janisarie as well as a Ghulam, (my Lieutenant!) and hid!
Had a very fun game. Jason showed up to rules advise and provide terrain (and beer!) we had a great chat in between me fumbling around the rules. I got some good kills in revenge for my troops but Jamie rolled over me with four versus two objectives. He got some pics so hopefully he'll post up a better report. I'm studying!


  1. The Autosaharana force looks gorgeous already! Looking forward to see it finished.

  2. Hi Adam - great to see so many Projects nearing completion!. My Fa─║lout models are staring at me too..

    I fear your Haqislam snipers and have as many dirty tricks as my Nomads. Game sometime could be good :)

    1. Lol, yep that's what happened.
      This is what I like about this list.;-)

  3. Hi Adam glad you had fun with it. The big N3 Learning curve is I need to remember to use my 'spells' correctly each turn. Probably should write on a piece of paper to remind me to set the anti-ad one until you attempt your drop then always remember to cast the firewall spell each turn after that.

    And I too fear the Assassin.

    1. Yep spells are tough for this grunt as well.
      You should fear the Fiday.
      Also, I may have gotten another sniper. Just sayin.;-)

    2. Its N3. I'm thinking 2 snipers may be the price of entry?

  4. Students of military history, tactics, and strategy, no longer have the 'grunt card' to play. Just sayin :p