Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A Quick Catch-up

Qualifying for the age cut is half the battle!
First up is this TradeMe score. Anyone build these before? Old school, very hard and brittle plastic. I'm going to build an oil derrick type of thing for Infinity or Fallout with these.

Jamie's favorite Hassassin
Speaking of Infinity, here is my only photo from the game two weeks ago. Sorry, this is why there isn't a BatRep for this very fun game. My Fiday (Destructive Angel) gunning down Jamie's Lieutenant and Hacker. It made me smile.:-)

I've got em, getting ready to start prep!
The ANZAC project for WW100 is officially underway. My small contribution is starting. Very cool 54mm Perry Anzac's.

Skirmish Sangin update soon.


  1. I read an article about the ANZAC painting project on Stuff - a great idea! I'm sure being used to 15mm and 28mm models you'll have an easy time making 54mm models look awesome. Some photos of the finished product would be a good idea for a blog post...

    1. I will when I make more progress. Assembling right now and got one mismatched arm.
      If you are keen you should register on the site and talk to Tim at Comics, he is the regional coordinator.