Tuesday, 8 July 2014

[Impetvs] Back in the saddle

Managed to get in another game against Jamies Romans. 400 points, I went with Poor generals this time, both of them, so I shouldn't have been surprised that lost most initiatives. I did another stand of Slavic CL's though. (Light infantry with Javelins, money makers!)

Maximus and the usual suspects
Some of his medium and light infantry

The glory of the Khan!

A few Slavs have shown up as well.

Rather complicated set up...

In fact, a built in traffic jam.

Aha! The fray! Why we play Impetvs!

We knocked him back behind his second line!

Our Pecheneg allies are holding the flank against his light infantry

Putting the boot in but should have auto disengaged!

When you wife texts and you look away, this happens...

Glory to the skirmishers! Another kill!
Jamie has a much better write up here.
He did after all win by breaking the Pecheneg command with the Slavs which broke my whole army.
I will learn this game! Good fun as usual Jamie!

I got in another game of X Wing as well. This time against Simon who had some shiny new ships. I managed to single them out and shoot them down. He had a couple brand new ships with super new manoeuvres and didn't use the moves he could have. Now he knows and he certainly wants a rematch against my typically scummy Rebels! Much fun and banter as usual Simon, I still fear the Phantom!


  1. Looks like you had a fun game. I must get round one day to giving Impetus a try!

    1. I like it quite a bit. It does a great job of modelling the lack of command and control of the period.
      Usually once we get stuck in it's fun no matter who wins.
      Which is good for me lately!

  2. Nice one. Medium Cav do struggle with the auto disengage if you don't win!

    Fear the Phantom! (Or take turrets and stress causes and don't! )

    1. It was a fun game though. Got a couple unexpected kills, usually from a flank!
      4 dice to dodge is tough! Plus swerving like a maniac.