Saturday, 21 June 2014

[X Wing] A quick interlude

I've managed very little gaming lately as I've been preparing for finals. Luckily they are done and dusted and I have a wee break. In between examinations I was able to fit in one game of X-Wing with Andy. I also had left a table set up at home since Pooch had visited earlier this month and would play solo turns in an effort to become a better pilot.

Larger tabletop than normal I know.
I eventually fit in a couple solo games one turn at a time and I'm happy to report that I won all of them.(!)
I wasn't confident enough in my exam preperation to take part in the tournament but the following Friday I did get a chance to visit Andy's new casa as well as throw down with the alarmingly popular Imperial Aces again. They are slippery!
Andy's list used two Academy pilots, one Obsidian as well as three interceptors! However only one had a decent pilot skill of 7 and another with 4 all of the rest were lowly ones. At first I was like, easy! Then I realised how much firepower that is.
I fluffed my placement and was heading right for the mob of them. I shot first and was able to bag one but even with stealth Biggs was hit multiple times.
Mid point in the game, no more Biggs
Another concentration and he is taken out. In between was a bunch of wild manoeuvring trying to get shots on the TIEs while avoiding as many shots as possible. My practice flying paid off here, though I did forget turn order once or twice! With nine fighters on the table to start the furball was large and complicated.
In the end we shot down all of his interceptors and one of his TIEs before he finished off Dutch in his Y Wing.
Fun game Andy!


  1. Cool post. My X-wing stuff finally arrived in the mail today, so I'm all enthused! Do you have any particular method for solo gaming X-wing? Cheers, Paul.

    1. Hi Paul thanks. When I was playing during study, sounds like a good habit, I would take so long between plotting each move that I would often forget. I would try to go for the best move for each faction and try to ignore that I knew what they were doing. If I was actually trying for a solo game I might randomize a couple choices for each ship, or randomize an assumed move. Tough I know but the object of this exercise was really strictly flying practice. With seven or more ships and a half dozen asteroids you can make mistakes easily and lose a whole turns shooting on your intended target.
      Tell me how it goes or especially if you come up with a good system.

    2. Thanks Adam. Solo games can be really useful but also quite tricky. I'm going to have a play around and see what I come up with. I feel a blog post of my own coming on!

  2. Hi Adam, cool idea. I've got nowhere to leave games set Up the :( There will ne another X-wing thing in July.

    1. I hear you, this was when my family was away. Luckily it's fast to set up and take down!
      Email me with a night this week for Impetus mate. Not Monday but otherwise free.

  3. practicing at home is cheating, pretty sure its in the new updated rulebook ;)
    Had a game with Jas, same list, he smoked me using some obsurdly crazy multiple action Awing super stuntman, a Bwing and 2 Xwings. he even managed to boost barrel roll between his other ships to get close enough to deliver the death blow, was hilarious.
    Another game is definitely on the cards (no pun intended)