Tuesday, 15 July 2014

[Sangin] Modern WIP

So I've got some bashing away at the moderns.
My MARSOC advisors are coming along with their ANA Commandos. A four wheeler, an enduro bike as well as a Ford Ranger for the Commandos is a great start.

One small element of ass kickers
Can't find a good mix for old fashioned woodland, maybe I'm too picky as I know it too well. I did scalp off a couple patrol caps and turned them into berets. (French hats)

PKM and a French hat
Now what I need are some opposing forces. What's that you say?
There is a competition at the Skirmish Sangin Blog. Free Taliban minis! Justs send them pics of your Talibs.

Why is this here?


  1. That's a great little force. Really like the conversions.

  2. Very nice conversion work Adam!

  3. Dude these look awesome! Love the MG Gunner with the beard and beret too :)

    1. Thanks mate. I'm slowly getting better. This set of Eureka mins are good sculpts.
      Definitely check out the Sangin Taliban.
      We will get a game in soon!