Saturday, 31 May 2014

[X-Wing] Finally got a game in.

Got a chance to catch up with Pooch and we got in a very slow game of X-Wing. The plan was to get in two games one each. Somehow me vs Pooch and then his brother in law. Neither of us had played much but he is a quick study and knew the rules well. Me not so much. I had an idea for a list I wanted to try out for the Twisted Hop showdown next weekend. Wait for it, a pair of X-wings and a single Y-wing. I know what you're thinking and yes I am old thanks.

This is a pic of the sole survivor
 I had buffed them up with proton torpedoes and a stealth unit for Biggs. Cheesy I know!

I love the new Imperial Aces
 Pooch had picked up the new Imperial Aces that I had coveted yesterday. They look so cool. The paint jobs make me think of Von Richtofen's squadron, 'The Flying Circus'!

The final round
The thing is trying to remember the order of things to do. I am getting it slowly.

The dead...
 I managed to splash the Firespray after two turns of firing including all of my photons and multiple hits from turbo lasers. It was isolated

I'm trying to make up for not having  any start pics...
 Being able to hand off target locks and focus' as well as mandatory targeting of our hero Biggs worked out pretty well.

The list for now

I feel like I should apologize for the dice rolling really well for me for once. Or maybe just buy a lottery ticket.;-)
Sadly we didn't have time for another game, Mitch had a list ready to go after watching this game. He also helped me quite a bit with the management of the team at first. Chur bro!


  1. Hi Adam, cool list and am envious of Pooch's fancy new Interceptors. Do you reckon a shield upgrade might give you little more mileage out of Biggs than the Stealth? Stealth is pretty easy to lose when you are 2-3 defense dice.

    1. I managed to hang on to Stealth for quite some time, but I was rolling pretty good.;-)
      I don't have any other modification cards for some reason...
      The Interceptors are dope!

    2. How about the stealth device AND R2-F5 for a ridiculous amount of defense dice?

      I roll 4 blanks with Biggs so I'm not sure it will help me but could be worth a shot for those who can actually roll dodge dice?

    3. I like your thinking and may try that. My idea was draw fire and heal the shields.

  2. Yes.

    This is more or less an accurate reflection of my terrible tactics and terrible dice!

    So nothing new for me and gaming :)

    As ever, great to catch up!

  3. Nice one lads :)
    Man cave is set to go Adam, a couple of rain days and I'm sorted! Now all I have to do is complete some of my many many unfinished projects!!!
    What is super cool with x-wing is that everything is pre-painted!! (hallelujah!!) all I need is a battle board :)
    Your game looked like a heap of fun! thx for showing, hopefully I get some xwing in with Jas tonight

    1. Good to hear mate!
      Looking forward to seeing the new casa on Friday.