Friday, 9 May 2014

[Sangin] Interdiction in a 'stan.

A small group of terrorists had been traced to beyond the northern border of Afghanistan. A raid was crafted to decapitate their organization before they could cross the border.

Andy and I got together last Friday night for a game of Sangin. He had decided to break out a bunch of different terrain and we decided that it was some historic place in an obscure country.
We decided on 1500 points, enough for lots of toys and troopies.
That got him over a dozen terrs and a couple IED's.
I got a half dozen Marine Recon Veterans with an Elite Corpsman, a Dumvee, an ATV an off table Scout/Sniper team and a CASEVAC CH-46.

Surveillance drones had followed this truck

The plates were confirmed as belonging to "****"

One of his 'snipers'.

The boss and some of his buddies await their reinforcements

It's just after BMNT, or before dawn if you prefer.

The vehicles are screening themselves behind a stand of trees

Shots ring out and one of the team is critically wounded already.

The Corpsman moves to provide critical life saving aid while the Dumvee moves to cover them.

While this is happening the dumvee makes it's FO roll to call a Scout/Sniper team

One shot, one kill.

The boss and his buddies keep up the fire hitting the recon team leader.

The boss is shot but another 'sniper' as well as another terr are in good cover

We got a 40mm grenade in there finally!

Pushing up the left for security.

Seriously considering career opportunities.
Fun game! I think Andy mistakenly felt sorry for me and didn't bring on his reinforcements immediately.
His IED's were on the other side of the table waiting for the helicopter to land! Evil.
Due to the immeditate casualty we just left after the initial contact.
We used dawn, some vehicle rules, off table snipers, IED's (never got used) as well as aircraft (that also never got used). We both have our 1500 point listst drawn up now so we'll be able to play more next time.


  1. Looking good bud!

    You are going to have to get that pick-up on to the painting table, that green is quite jarring!

    Looking forward to the next one

    1. I've actually pulled it apart already. It and my ANA Commandos are up next.
      Thanks mate, Andy's terrain and minis make it easy.

    2. Didn't think it would take you long!

      You will have to write me a "how to sculpt berets" article!

      Andy's terrain is just lovely.