Tuesday, 13 May 2014

[Impetvs] Clan Dulo are still trying to repeat their early victories...

Those bloody Byzantines, always hanging around ruining our 'spoils of war'. We had been hanging out all winter enjoying the fruits of civilization when suddenly in the early spring, bam. The Legion!
Jamie shows up with his well trained combined arms force from Eastern Rome er Byzantium. We had been talking about doing Impetvs again for ages just like last time. We have another scheduled game in three weeks now. (Do or die!)

The Khan leads a counterattack!
I need the games to get the rules stuck into my head. For example, you have to roll for every unit that moves more than one activation. If your troops are decent, discipline B, you have a 50% chance of having the unit become disordered. I learn this every year! At least in the photo I managed to keep three CM as a group with the Khan, so +1 or 66% chance of maintaining order after a double move. So them I moved three times. (face palm)

Our center of two CM in the late snow.
Jamie's army is, as I said a good mix. A couple Sarmatians, a couple stands of legionarii (heavy infantry) and a few medium infantry, (pilum scattered around) as well as a couple auxilia (slingers) and a couple sagitarii (archers). They all sound like Battlestar Galactica planets to my non-classical trained ass. Suspiciously effective though. He usually doesn't double move, or you know, go disordered.

Down the line towards our encampment of ger.
Which just makes my cavalry's hooves itch for movement, double or triple movement! It's a sickness I know. I'm used to it though, we hurtle into his line on my right and knock a VBU out of a heavy infantry unit. His generals.;-)
Of course he counterattacks.

Our source of firewood for the winter...
One of his two cavalry units is lurking behind the town while two of his medium infantry move through the center. Additionally on my left the slavic levee are having a hard time and my Pechenegs are going disordered. Go figure, don't over rev the engine!

This is why we play Impetvs. THE FRAY!
Jamie just edges me out in the end. I made several mistakes and our dice were pretty even overall with wildly bizarre rolls on both sides.
Cheers Jamie always fun to chat and kill each other!

Sorry about the photos, I immediately got stuck in a failed a bunch of disorder rolls. It took all of my meagre attention to keep in the fight. Also it was dark. Hopefully Jamie will post a more balanced review with better pics!


  1. Pics aren't bad... except that last one. But, I guess I can use my imagination with that one, and attribute the blur to the rush of the cavalry charge. :)

    1. The impact rattled the cameraman!
      Cheers Keane
      ps wtf happened in New England?80

    2. I didn't watch the game, but it sounded like a complete midfield meltdown. Wasn't tempted to watch the highlights - ugly beating.

  2. Sarmatians! I wish. Don't send the junkie back to the MIR habit, Adam. Such a cool list....
    EIR has decidedly less awesome cav, having not yet learned to borrow ex-steppe Cav to do the fighting for us.
    Looking forward to the next game.

    1. You're right or course. I liked your old list as well. But this new one has more crunchy infantry.
      We will have a game after my next two essays are in.

  3. I have awarded you the Liebster Award here