Thursday, 24 April 2014

[Fallout] The skirmish game from Chch...

Jamie and Jason had been bashing together rulesets and Andy has assembled an awesome overpass and other terrain, whilst I've slaved over papers. All of us knocked out some decent starts on minis showing our factions. Or rather, they all have nice minis, I have a decent start.;-)

Andy and Jason knocked out an awesome table

Andy's survivors greenhouse and shack and water tower
I love this terrain, it really evokes the setting for me. Huzzah mate!

School and fallout shelter
The awesome cars are die cast. Jas did a great job repurposing a nice old towns worth of buildings and building interiors for them all as well!

Andy's New Californians (NCR)

One of my jump pack equipped Reavers getting gunned down.
 My Reavers with jump packs are converted Chaos Raptors that a friend gave me ages ago.

Another Reaver putting the hurt on the Brotherhood of Steel (BoS)

One of my drug-addled maniacs looking for a shot
The rest of my crew are old Shadowrun minis that I've had for decades.
I missed out on photos of Jamie's great scavengers and Jason's awesome BoS minis.
The version I played was the .2 after changes were made after the first playtest on Friday. It went reasonably fast and I had a lot of fun. My faction was basically a bunch of drug crazed maniacs led by a brothel owning pusher. So I just got stuck in.
Jason and Jamie have posts about version .3


  1. Sorry we didn't get a chance to catch up mate! This was a very cool looking game that's for sure. I put some photos of it on my blog too!

    1. Hi Rodger, I saw you and planned to come back when you weren't busy but didn't make it.
      Sorry mate!
      Was a very cool looking game you had going.

  2. Hello and good morning
    Look really good (genuine) these buildings and the village center.
    Attack group is also ready, and rushes forward ...