Thursday, 24 April 2014

[Sangin] Happy Bloody Birthday Simon!

Had a great couple games and a massive chin wag with my mate on his birthday. What a better way to celebrate than exchanging gunfire over pints?

LCpl Badass runs forward to the compound solo

On overwatch, pretending not to notice the Taliban
A missed RPG hit where that red die is. It obliterated the two men closest to it and injured the NCO as well. What!

Muj RPG gunnery instructor wipes out half the patrol

Others rush forward to celebrate the success

Sole survivor
All right that was a lucky shot lets try this again.

In proper defensive positions, spread out...

This time I got the lucky first shot. Killing his RPG gunner and the guy next to him and the other two members of his fire team. What!
Dice are bizarre sometimes...

Anyway, I've started modelling my ANA Commandos and biker. Simon, your Taliban look great in their ninja scarves. But I'm falling way behind on my posting!
So here you are.

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