Tuesday, 8 April 2014

[Sangin] Presents in the mail!

Pooch and the guys at Radio Dish Dash have got me these minis to build up my Afghan National Police  / Afghan Commando forces.
They are the awesome Eureka minis. Two packs of ANP's, some of which I will convert to look  like Commandos. (Except they will still be carrying Soviet bloc weapons.8P)
Anyway they are great sculpts.

Police caps and PKM's
Half are in US kevlar helmets, the other half in the Castro caps. They are all carrying Hungarian AMD-65's with RPG7's and PKM's for support. The Afghan Army and especially the Commandos carry US weapons primarily.

Kevlars and Hungarian AK's
 Also Pooch hooked me up with this! A Maisto Ford Ranger which I will turn into a Police truck. (Like the Dead Kennedy's song.;-) If you need vehicles for your modern games, zombies whatever, check these guys out. Maisto.com they do a line in 1/47. And tell me where you find them!

ANP Ford Ranger
 Lastly another guy for my MARSOC unit, on an enduro bike. Yeehaw! Great model.

MARSOC outrider
I might have to get more bikers...


  1. Nice stuff. What's the spikey-looking thing in the lower right-hand corner of the first two pictures?

    The Ford is nice, too. Be nice to see that thing with some weathering.

    1. Those are RPG rockets in a backpack. Six of em, rock and roll!
      Yeah, I'm gonna repaint etc.
      Cheers bro!