Wednesday, 19 February 2014

[Sangin] Shutting down the drug runners.

Simon had been keen for a game for some time and we finally snuck one in before our tahr hunt last weekend. He brought his Kiwis and I didn't have any suitable OPFOR except for this group of drug running mercenaries. I had four veterans with assault rifles.
Simon had two fireteams of average grunts each with a veteran team leader.
We kept it simple as this a first game for Simon.

Typically dark ruin to have a dawn meeting at.

We started in the open having a 'meet'. The Kiwis were here to kill or capture them. One team in an overwatch position the other ready to sweep from the left.

The base of fires, these only heard shoot to  kill evidently.
That was the joke anyway after Simon immediately opened fire on the perps!

Worrying unnecessarily.
He's worrying about One guy that I might see. Yep saw him! And then shoot. Yep,shot him. Saved by body armor, worth it's weight folks!

First tangos are down.
My command guys were shot down before I could even get a spot check in.

They take cover in the ruin.
First order of business is, get away from that SAW! Hard cover, kneeling.

But the prone and aiming base of fire spots them.
"Bro, two more just popped into that ruin just to our right." "Get 'em mate."

The maneuver team has them in their sights as well.

Last man standing

Even he doesn't escape the deadly Kiwis
Fun game Simon! I think you had a great start. I couldn't spot to save my life!

Great hunt as well!


  1. How long did the firefight take in real-time? Seems like a pretty quick exchange.

    P.S. Like the situational\positional cards.

    1. I know you like crunchy bits Keane. It's pretty quick once everybody's on board. We were chatting with friends and onlookers and each other quite a bit and it was an hour and a half or so.