Thursday, 27 February 2014

[FoW] Day of Days with "Speed Kills!"

So after I picked up the Wellington cohort guys at the airport, I hit the passenger seat. Instead of sleeping, I blathered... on and on.
However my teammate Pooch and I, as well as our mates Nick and Bob, who were running the ultimate Tiger and Puma list, were headed south!
Once we got there we had a great catchup with Craig and Ian and Robert while we wondered where Martin was.

Pooch and I's list. I ran TFA, Pooch ran the Tankies.
US Tanks (Confidently Trained!)
HQ- 2 M4 Shermans
Tank Troop- 4 M4 76mm Shermans
Tank Troop- 4 M4 75mm Shermans
Tank Troop- 4 M4 75mm Shermans
Armoured Mortar Platoon- 3 81mm Mortar tracks

Task Force A (Confidently Trained!)
HQ- 2 Greyhounds
TF Recon- 1 Greyhound, 2 Jeeps
TF TD Platoon- 4 M18 Hellcats
TF TD Platoon- 4 M18 Hellcats
TF Engineer Platoon- Full, 3 Bazookas
Corps Field Artillery Battery- 3 Priests, 2 50cal Halftracks

First game versus Dale and Nigel. Panthers, Pzkpfw IV's, Pumas, Pioneers and Panzergrenadiers.
First terrain error on our part, no bog check on an unelevated rail line.

My newly touched up Engineers on Rob St Denis' awesome table

A lurking Puma

Shermans mistakenly bogging on the railine, then Hummels fire a bombardment

Our 81's in direct fire support against Dale's Panzergrenadiers

Dale's haltracks and hamburgers on the hoof

Our Combat Engineers hiding in a wood after getting caned

Second game versus Kent and Ian. Panthers, Pzkpfw IV's and Panzergrenadiers.
Second terrain error, bocage looking stuff should have been bocage not hedges. We needed that LOS blocked

Trading shots with Panthers and Pzkpfw IV's

The opposition tanks run by Ian was well handled

We were putting the pressure on. But they kept saving!

After committing the first platoon of M18's we had to bring up the Combat Engineers to support them.

The 88's that threatened our right the whole test

Our unarmored masses jump forward and threaten some more!

The Cav trying to hold the flank is getting pasted! But they are making rolls and shooting!

They made seven platoon morale saves. We couldn't get a single point!

Third game Sunday morning. Craig and Martins Panther, Pzkpfw IV and Panzergrenadier list!
We got the terrain correct this time!
We were defending but our whole list is attack, attack, attack! With just TFA on table I was worried for a bit, but the whole rope-a-dope has always appealed to me. We had our Priests drop shells and everyone else hunkered down.
Until they got too close and offered us some StuH's

Of course they returned fire... ouch!
Oh yeah our OTHER platoon of Hellcats.

Sneaking shots between buildings

Just about to get hammered, the M18's that is

Luckily the tanks are here now! Covering our flank.

The bloody 'werfers!

That didn't take long...

Our last game was really cool as well. It was our bros from Chch. Andy and Jason and their awesome 21st Panzer lists. Lot's of ersatz Stugs and StuH's and Panzergrenadiers and Motorcycles and Von Luck!
We got stuck in early but a bunch of good rolling saved their asses. ;-)

It was a great comp and we had a very fun list to tank it up with. Rolling on day 1 sucked. But we soldiered on and didn't get stuck into the piss at noon, like our evil dice wanted us to. We had a proper lunch and coffees and continued to watch the dice desert us.


  1. Magnificent setting.
    Really !!!

    1. Thanks mate. Some of the tables were rally gorgeous.
      Fun weekend in any case!

  2. Nice table and terrain. Those burning tanks really help to accent the Fall colors among the foliage. :)

    1. You remember our test games of Flames. That's how I live, on fire!
      It is fun when it works bro.;-)

  3. Nice report and good looking games, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Scott. I didn't even get any good Hellcat pics!

  4. Fantastic looking tables. Great report Adam , sounds like a lot of fun!

  5. Cheers Rodger, thought I'd see you there maybe.
    It was fun. More fun when my bloody dice worked!

  6. Good write up and it was great to get a game in . Those hellcats are teh awesome - untill they explode :)

    1. But they do explode, especially if you run them like I do. Poorly!
      Great game!

  7. Enjoyed our game Adam, always thought two "ambushing" hellcat platoons was going to be a struggle but came up with a cunning plan...that almost worked to screen our panzers.

    Bad call on my behalf re the bocage on game 2, it would have helped you guys out.

    Already working on my army for next year :)


    1. You guys were tough! It's true, your Panzergrenadiers were in the right place. You just gave up too much room in your greed for Sherman blood.;-)
      Don't worry about it, they had to test seven times and passed every one. Seven!
      Me too.8P