Sunday, 9 February 2014

[FoW] M18 Hellcats ready to rock and roll!

Finally showed up and while I prep for school managed some time to knock them out quickly. Painting in daylight is like cheating. You can see everything! I'm gonna add camo nets and antennae.

Full M18 TD Platoon
 I think the sculpt is awesome and I'll back up Evan on including the 'roll bar' looking thing that is actually about an inch in diameter. But the tracks are a bad cast and sculpted wrong.

'Traverse right! Right, your military right!'
 I got the box set and it came with new decals. I had a ton of old ones left so didn't bother but the new ones are thinner and worked great on the back deck.

'The LT is staring at the map again, we are screwed...'
 The included stowage was quite good, though it lacked jerry cans and shell cannisters. I should make some.

"Gunner, Able Peter, tank 600 yards, fire, fire , FIRE!"
Yes these are for Day of Days, woot! Rumoured to be the last FoW DoD. What!
In any case Pooch and I are here for the racing. Drag racing.
Oh and kill Germans.


  1. Thanks Rodger. I'm sure you'll have a good time shooting at them. (Miss, miss, miss...)