Monday, 3 February 2014

[FoW] Some more WIP. 2AD M4A1 76mm and Autosaharianas

Don't worry everybody I did get some M18 Hellcats in the end and they are being painted as we speak. BF M18's are kinda fiddly, resin mistakes and pewter flash and bent tracks. Still they look good in the end, pics soon.

Love these Plastic Soldier models.

Reasonably happy with the paint

Maybe just antennae next
With these I can field a respectable force of  17 targets for my German opponents.

Captured Morris AAA trucks

The lovely AS42 with 37mm, foregound and Breda 2cm, back

Ah my lovelies
I've got several more to do. Luckily my mate Andy has taken the opportunity to knock together some Chevy trucks and Willys jeeps into some rag tag force called the LRDG.(!)

Also big ups to Seattle people, go Seahawks! Thanks Keane, now I've got a good pile of stuff to kitbash into my SciFi skirmish force for Fallout.


  1. Fantastic work here Adam! Very nice of you to provide targets for the Germans. The Seahawks did very well too!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Keane! Come to the dark (historical side), we have cookies, or hard tack at least...

    2. I'd gladly join the dark side if I had a little more time for painting and some opponents to lock horns with. Maybe down the road - the old Rpging gets most of my attention currently.

  3. First up... those shermans look awesome.. love the weathering!! great job Adam I'm really impressed.
    2nd Also very impressed to have 17 targets for all our 21st Panzer guns :)
    3rd Italians look great... soo keen to do this wee project! just scored some heavy trucks for the supply people, LRDG and SAS infantry blisters x 4 and Chevy trucks are on the way!! Scorpions!!!

    1. Cheers thanks mate. I know your SAS and LRDG boys will look sharp too.