Tuesday, 28 January 2014

[FoF] A small raid in the Solomons

As some of you may know a couple years ago we got into Force on Force with the intention of doing WW2 28mm skirmish with Marine Raiders, Chindits, Aussies and of course Japanese Army as well as Naval Landing Forces.
Between SAGA, Bolt Action, our 6mm EPIC games, Skirmish Sangin and more we had a lot of other things to distract us.
Well Friday night Andy and I finally got in a game of it!
We decided on d8 quality and d12 morale for the Imperial Japanese Army and d8/d10 for the Marines.
I had 33 minis but left behind my flamethrower team as well as Chesty, I wanted it to be a good fight after all.;-)
Two squads of 9 with 3 BAR each, an MMG team, a Corpsman and a stretcher bearer, a sniper team, a 60mm  mortar team and the platoon commander with his RTO. Total 30
Andy had twenty-odd Japanese soldiers in four fireteams of five men including a couple LMGs, a separate HMG team of three and an officer.
We both started with half on the table roll to bring them on. My LVT's were for dropping off only and onl;y had two crewmen. Additionally the Japanese defenders were hidden.

The first LVT lands and plows inland before the Raiders debus 
We couldn't see anyone so we kept moving forward through the eerie quiet...

The half squads lurks well hidden and out of range

'We must stop them before they cross the river."

Empty bunker! Had me worried anyway.

This bunker has a 13mm HMG and a very tough gunner.
It was still quiet and I got my reinforcement roll! Woot!

The second LVT trundles up the beach cautiously.
I had planned on just using the LVT's as transports cus they look cool and doctrinally they wouldn't hang out on the beach really.

Before getting smashed by the HMG! Four of the fifteen Raiders on board get hit!
The HMG's roll was decent but my armor roll was a 3 on two six sided dice. Ouch! Dead vehicle and casualty check for everyone aboard.

My right hand advance has been whittled down to one good fireteam.
There was tons of shooting at this point but most guys were staying in cover and not getting hit. The hits came in dribs and drabs. I got my Corpsman up to support my advance on the right.

The Old Man brings up the Corpsman and takes over.
I actually got one pin on a fireteam! Only once though. Hard cases!

They are in a machine gun battle across the river.

The view from the Japanese bunker. Burning LVT!
This guy got shot to pieces so many times! But he kept making his morale checks and kept shooting until just before we were going to assault the bunker. Probably saved a few lives.

The team on the left does eventually work their way up and take the bunker!

Finally reinforcements! The Yanks are all over the beach and they've crossed the river!
In the end the Marines had a bunker and then the second bunker. There was no easy way for the Japanese to throw them off the beachhead. We had both had series' of good rolls and bad luck.
Rolling off for troop quality once shooting is declared were some of victories that kepy my casualties as low as they were. 7 killed and 5 other casualties were my total.
I like Force on Force quite a bit for this scale of full platoons facing off.
Very fun game Andy! Great table!
Stoked we finally pulled it off!