Thursday, 6 February 2014

[FoF] Contracting for Foreign Terra Federated Corporation Ltd is tough work...

and the bonuses aren't that great either.
(Technically this the Tomorrows War sci-fi variant.)
This whole game and campaign are a kind of tribute to old school sci-fi. I remember reading books and short stories where mercenaries were used to fight proxy wars on behalf of corporations on distant planets. Most were rather thin critiques of the Second Indochina war but the mental imagery stayed with me.

They sure don't look like 'Frogs'...
 The disparaging term we came up with last week before the game sure doesn't fit with the behavior! More of a  recruiting phrase.
To me, last Thursday, they looked a lot more like Dragons! Elusive units, you have to spot them before you can shoot first. Intimidating in melee, morale check after every attack! That is tough. They also have projectile weapons and heavier weapons are rumoured. (ie Martin has a giant box of them ready to go!)

The CEO and his kids are covered by the LT
 The Mayday was sounded by the CEO himself. Strangely only one squad was sent, ours.

The buildings aren't doing too well, but are in fact cover.
 The activity on the ground showed us that we need a lot more than just a squad of grunts to sort this out.

One of three groups that we hear and can't see.
 With two small maneouver elements we had to keep them from massing for a single large attack by quick forays.

The grunts head out for a look see.
I was quite nervous at this point as he had unlimited reserves showing up. Up to a unit of 12 every turn and I had to hold for six. That math looked tough, especially with my rolling.

Another large groups lurks nearby unseen.
Their Elusive feature was very useful, I had a hard time engaging first, couldn't see em. But we could hear something out there! A whole lotta somethings!

Our sweep fireteam still looking for trouble. There it is...

Another assault repulsed, just held down to the wire.
Did I mention they're Hungry?(!)

Relief  sweep fireteam gets wiped out during an assault.
First part of the assault we got two hits, then we got hit, then a pin, then a die shift, then another hit etc. Oh the horror! Two captured, the rest eaten. None seen again!

Another group lurking ready for an assault

The grunts are holding the building but that's it.

Over thirty is the body count to our  four killed and two missing and four injured.
In the end it was four mercs and three dependents being hit four times, luckily one hit a dependent so the 'Frogs' didn't eat us all after the only unit in assault range failed to assault.
That is out of eleven men, there was also the awkward fact of the CEO being injured. Though his dependents came through.
Super fun game and very tense for most of it!
Great game Martin!


  1. Now this is cool.

    How do you think FOF/TW goes as a small unit game. Say with small fire teams of four guys as a `unit` at lowe troop qualities and a powe armoired guy as a ome man 'unit'?

    1. Hey bro, thanks. It is cool. Gaming with Martin and Simon is great of course but the idea I like quite a bit as well.

      FoF is perfect for platoons in contact, small units can get beaten up but the permanent 'cover' of armour should make that workable. Be prepared for the 'lucky' shot when fighting better quality troops though. If the higher quality troopie is wearing power armour of 4 dice then he's pretty tough, until AT weapons show up. Then it can be brew up city.

      In my mind, it's very doable. We'll probably get a chance to try it out soon. At the rate this planet is going we'll be bringing in the Mobile Infantry right before we Nuke it from orbit.;-)

  2. Kroots?

    The FTFCL needs to start investing in Firetoads. Not edible.

    1. Haha good idea and yes indeed. Repurposed Kroots.

      As a stopgap we've been feeding the boys slivovich, it's makes them less palatable AND helps get them back on the helos for another poorly conceived mission!