Thursday, 27 March 2014

[Sangin] Another Kiwi business to support

Recognize those names? At least one right.
Skirmish Sangin has released their first supplement called Despatches No1. Our old mate Pooch is writing for them as well as supporting the efforts of Radio Dish Dash by modelling, painting and going to cons as well. I've gotten on board as too helping out with some flavour text articles in this and hopefully future issues. I wrote some brilliant stuff about firearms and small unit tactics. Really! It's brill.
This book has rules for Military Working Dogs as well seven new scenarios and a couple new TO&E's including Canadian as well as German, Afghan National Police and PMC infantry units.
Find it at their website or at your local game convention, look out for the lads!

I've been busy with school and loving it. Gotta run and write some papers!

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