Sunday, 26 January 2014

[Sangin] MARSOC project for Armies of Afghanistan

Working on repaints and getting some hiluxes as well as figuring out what to do with what I have. Here are some of my research pics while I wait for mini's and models.

I'll be painting the ANP up in mostly old style Woodland BDU's but with a patchwork of webbing types. The Marines seem to have a few different types of uniforms before they got there own Crye Woodland pattern uniforms to help them fit in with the Afghan Army and Police. They used both MARPATs, BDU, DCU as well as some Coyote and plain Khaki gear as well. "Who is your commanding officer Marine?!"

Motorbikes, moustaches and mortars! or more officially; "Always faithful, always forward"

Unofficial Raider patch

I said put the PKM over there!

High angle hell baby

Do you even operate bro?

SCARs and dirt bikes, woot!

Textbook base plate setting; charge four!

ANA Commando obcerving. Splash, out!

I'll paint my hiluxes up like this

Where's our outriders? Where's our ANPs!?

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