Wednesday, 15 January 2014

[FoW] Neither of these are my Day of Days Army...Yet!

I've been nervously looking at the calender and counting on my fingers as Battlefront still hasn't shipped my desperately needed Hellcats to my local store which I like to support. (Comics Compulsion in Christchurch Huzzah btw!) Until they show I've been pottering away on some other projects. Here are a couple WIP shots.

Project number one is being able to run a proper tank company of Yanks if I feel the itch. I got some Plastic Soldier Company M4A1 (76mm) and put them together and now I'm painting them. As you probably know they are great sculpts and a good wee model that's a nice mix between detailed and easy to assemble.

M4A1 (76) tank platoon with an AOP on watch for ambushes
Project two is my Autosahariana Company, god knows what I will do with it. Hopefully smash up some cheeky LRDG or SAS boys!
Pretty fun modifying all of the different trucks as well as the autosaharianas themselves. The Falco is such a cool model of a hopelessly outclassed plane that did quite a bit of hard work for them in North Africa.

Autosahariana platoon reinforced with extra trucks and Falco on top cover!
Day of Days is Feb 22 and 23 in Timaru! See you there!


  1. I lie the Italians Adam and have been really impressed by the sculpts of all the PSC models I've bought.

    Hopefully your hellcats turn up soon, my current version of my yanks doesn't have my hellcats in it so they may be free if yours haven't turned up in time


  2. desert stuff... super cool Adam ;) you know I like!