Tuesday, 14 January 2014

[SAGA] My Stamford Bridge was a nice wee dale, (to die in).

When you have a successful tactic, or formula if you will, altering it can be problematic.
I think we all learned this lesson with 'New Coke'.
In my defense I wanted to try my old two pronged Varangian attack. It failed miserably as you'll see.

My mate Martin was keen for SAGA so we had a throw down last week. He had a list of Anglo Saxons, in fact a very dangerous list for me. Four units of Warriors and two of levee, he loves his hordes! With his skill in his battle board he was able to buff them nearly every turn. Yikes, I should have been very careful around this, but as Thursday is a workday for me all of my smarts is gone. Charge!

A nice wee dale. Also a cave, our objective.

Rurik and his fellow Varangians

Dirty dirty Anglo Saxons

Levees and Anglo Saxon warriors

The race for the cave begins

Anglo Saxon levee making a run for the cave!

Martin has learned his battle board well!

His archers turn into warriors and cut down four of my warriors!

This is right after my warriors bounced off of his warriors!

After smashing his only flank protection Rurik falls to the villains. By one roll!
So my Varangian Hearthguard didn't get a single attack in.
I only killed a couple warriors in three turns.
I lost my Warlord in turn three!
Nice work Martin, good game!
I'm going back to my old filthy habit of piling 12 Varangians onto whatever unit you put in front of me.;-)


  1. Well Martin can be a cunning one, takes some smarts to use that Board. Looks like a fun game :-)

    1. He sure can be. It was fun!
      We need to Impetvs.

    2. Did you say........ IMPETVS?

  2. Martins painted units looking nice... be great to see the force finished Martin they look really cool. Thanks Adam looks like a fun game :)
    Rurik!... nooooo!!!! lol better luck next time Adam ;)

    1. His force is still a WIP. Those were loaners from Tim at Comics Compulsion. (Huzzah guys!)
      It was fun, lol.

  3. Looked like a cool game Adam. Result not so cool for you! Having some fun is the main thing!