Sunday, 1 December 2013

[Sangin] Kiwi fireteam finished

These were fun to paint, the sculpts were so good it was very easy. They have a bunch of good detail and the poses rock.
Big props to Ebob and Eureka, as well as, of course Radio Dish Dash.
See this post for details on blocking and colors etc.

Need a better photo studio
 After all the above, these guys just got a khaki dry brush and again with white. The firearms got a black wash as well.
After a quickie basing job voila.

Let's go boys
Actually noticing the downfall of using washers for bases, paint doesn't always stick very well! Oh well just a touch up.
(I do use them a lot, tip I got from Andy after using a bunch of NZ 10c pieces to base my 6mm units!)
I also got a bunch of painting and modelling on my WW2 Marines done as well pics to follow.
Now I just need a game this week!


  1. Wonderful work on these guys Adam! Really like the results!

    1. Thanks mate! Good to hear from you. :-)
      Are you doing moderns at all?

    2. No plans but ..............

  2. Great sculpts and painting Adam, I think I will have to put a few of these on my shopping list.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks mate! More are on the way, stay tuned.

  4. Thanks Pat! They are great sculpts indeed. I believe the rest of the section is due very soon. Those are on my list too. ;-)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks bro!
      Now is the time for apocalypse though, right?