Friday, 22 November 2013

[FoW] Ticking all the boxes with Armored Recon

Hadn't played Flames since my debacle against Simon a month ago.
I had arranged to play my mate Jim and his Panzergrenadiers. Which I found to my shock includes two Tiger I's. I had thought he was kidding. The nerve.
Two! I needed a plan and a good one. How am I going to kill two Tigers?

Anybody seen a Tiger?
The San Jose High School Auto Shop class of '41 European Tour '44 and '45!
2nd Armored Division Armored Recon Troop
HQ of two M8
Two combat platoons of 2 M8 and two recon jeeps each
4 Stuarts
4 Shermans
Full Combat Engineer Platoon with 4 Bazooka
Full TD platoon of M10's
105 battery
Limited P47

Panzergrenadiers covering my left approach.

Spearhead means Ninjas disguised as Sherman tanks!
I got some good rolls and got three hits. One bounced. Then I called in the arty. Got a bail out of it, then the platoon skedaddled. Lucky!
 Dug in veteran infantry is a nightmare though, it took me too much time to clear them. I removed GTG with my recon and it still took ages. Half of the teams survived to the end. I never touched the platoon in the buildings.

Panzergrenadiers rushing for the far objective

We caught them in the open with a couple P47's. Jim made all three saves without breaking a sweat.

Nasty little infantry guns
 Like the crossroads, the high ground is already occupied. No problem we'll just lift GTG, and call in arty.

Those TD guys are such boots, hiding behind a wood, mumbling about tigers.
Uh guys, who was gonna make their roll again? Nobody made their rolls. Except for our roll to disengage!

Luckily the other car got away. Recce disengagment!
Maybe the TD boys knew what was up after all. The other armored moved out of range. The jeeps were already in cover as well.

Stuarts doubling past the recon jeeps! Huzzah!
On my turn three I got my reserves of the Combat Engineers, they entered the board in a fusilade of gunfire driving off the friendly air first and then the entire platoon of Panzergrenadiers.
His closest other unit was over ten inches from my newly arrived reinforcements. And then his reserves failed to show anyway. No chance to throw me off.
Good fun game Jim!

Dice! They even worked sometimes!
All the boxes ticked, I am a special rules whore. It's official.
Recce deployment.
Eyes and Ears
Plt Commander spotting for arty.
Time on target

I didn't however get a chance to try out my Tiger strategy. Either P47's or TD's and smoke.
Combined with a lot of targets!


  1. Well done Adam.

    I'm taking AR to Day of Days- still waiting for my last few M8s to arrive so I can get some practice in!


    1. Hey mate! They are fun, the armored recon variety is a bit more substantial. Do not forget that they are front armor 1!;-)