Thursday, 5 December 2013

[Bolt Action] Marine reinforcements

After my first couple games of Bolt Action I realized that I needed bigger squads. I also realized that the M1919 MMG and my 60mm mortar were nerfed but that's another story.;-) I've been slowly collecting the minis and even more slowly painting them!

Chesty Puller was a helluva Marine

First up is Lt. Col. Lewis "Chesty" Puller, he came with the Armies of the United States book, and in fact was a real motivator for me to buy the book. (Thanks Jamie!) If you aren't familiar with him then read the wiki link, complete badass, and a true hero.

Now both squads have three BAR's, one shotgun and one SMG. 3 BAR's sounds good doesn't it?

These four BAR gunners and the shotgun armed NCO are from The Assault Group. I also got some Vietnam era minis, more to come later, WIP.

Setting up the 60
 Despite it being nerfed I bring one along but pay for a 81mm medium mortar and keep the grumbling to a minimum.

3 Browning M2 .50 cal MG's
This Water Buffalo is finally mmodelled with the MG's it would have had, haven't got around to the M1919 yet but I will. Now my force is right up to 1000 points and set up proper. Well a proper mix of realistic and gameable anyway.;-)


  1. Looking good Adam, love the Buffalo!


    1. Thanks Craig. Working on lists and flames practice for day of days!
      I love those buffalo as well, cool vehicle. Fifty cals are handy as well. ;-)

  2. Very cool, mate.

    Chesty Puller has come up well.

    1. Thanks mate; it's thanks to you that I got him at all. =-O
      I plan on working on him a bit more maybe...

  3. Nice work! The mortars basing is especially nice.

    1. Cheers mate, I was a mortarman for a deployment so I try to give them good little details.

  4. Superb painting on some great looking models. That huge map they are on looks impressive as well.

    1. Thanks a lot Pat!
      Lol the map is an old game board from axis and allies that has some ridiculous drawings of countries and continents. =-O It's my coffee table.