Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Marine Corps birthday segues into Armistice Day

The Marine Corps birth, famously at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, was 238 years ago.
To quote General James 'Mad Dog' Mattis "No better friend, no worse enemy." Semper Fi brothers.

Could be friendlier maybe.

Definitely could be worse.

Armistice Day, the end of hostilities in WW1, was 95 years ago. For New Zealand WW1 was probably its biggest sacrifice. (We remember on ANZAC day, April 25.) For the Marines it just got worse after Belleau Wood, (their first engagements in WW1). Much worse in fact, through the 'total war' of the Pacific, as well as Korea and Vietnam, before it got 'better'.

The point is on the 11th month, on the 11th day at the 11th hour, the Great War ended.
Hostilities will cease. You made it. There is an end to the madness.

Get back to work.
I am keen on some interesting aspects of WW1. Analogue Hobbies had some cool Spanish Civil war stuff as well...


  1. Recently read about the UK's plan for the centenary Remembrance Day, next year.(http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19913000) 50mil £ planned to be spent on the commemoration.

    Been to the Imperial War Museum a couple times. Be interesting to see it "even more incredible"

    1. Hey Keane, yeah even more incredible!? The IWM is awesome, I've only been once though and didn't see everything of course.
      Been gaming much? What happened with AT43?

  2. Still doing the Monday night Rpging thing with Jake's group. Been playing a lot of Gurps 4e lately. Not my favorite system but not terrible. Doesn't match up with d100, IMO.

    I haven't actually seen Rob, Dave, or anyone involved in more than a year. No joke. There was a gaming-shutdown after Rob and Jodi's baby was born, and we haven't reconvened since. There's been talk about a revival, but nothing as of yet.

    I still have shit-tons of AT-43 packed away in the closet. 2 huge armies: UNA and Therians. They're great models and the game is a blast to play. Need to break it out again soon. [The Red Blok army is a little overpowered in my opinion. But that's probably sour grapes after getting my ass handed to me time and again - by one of Rob's command units! A general in a super-mech. ;) ]

    1. They are cool models eh? I could use a couple spares if you got something mech like.
      Bummer about the gaming, I'm with you on GURPS. But we can look past systems these days can't we? ;-)

    2. Best I could do is spare a single UNA Fire Toad. Like one of these guys: http://www.exonngames.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/firetoad_granatos.jpg.

  3. I've always wanted kiwi WW1 mounted rifles... Egypt/Palestine/Syria. Its on the wish-list. I may have to learn how to sculpt first.

    Took my 3yr old son to ANZAC day this year... he marched with his great Papa (Pacific Veteran- NZRAF) and at 94 he is still looking pretty sharp ;) lest we forget

    1. My great uncle was in the Auckland mounted rifles in Palestine etc.
      Cool idea for a project. You could use Boer war mounted rifles and trim the rifles down.
      Cool story, 94! Epic!