Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Building a Section, brick by brick...(Kiwis in Afghan)

Here's a step by step of my newish ANZAC minis that I got from the guys at Radio DishDash, they who bring you Skirmish Sangin.
They had them commissioned by an awesome sculptor, EBob who has a line I've been waiting some time for. But that's a different story.

Here are my pics and notes on Kiwis in Afghanistan, circa 2001-08

Base color is Italian Armor, Kislev Flesh for skin
I'm going with desert DPM uniforms and DPM load bearing vests, two are painted over with desert camo. Helmets are green (Russian) with desert (Beige) paint.

Blocking with Beige and Russian Uniform

Khaki long blotches and Agrax Earthshade wash

 It's hard not to overdo the Khaki blotches and make them nice and thin, but not tigerstripe. The pattern is complex but just underdo it, other wise the washes will make it too dark. These are faded from the sun and dust!

Go light on the wash in high areas
Touch up those goggle, helmet, and pistol belt (Russian Green) straps.  

After some camo highlighting. Now with more light.

Next up final dry brushing and basing

So for the un painted DPM vests, I used Khaki, Beige and Black splotches on the Russian Green blocking. Then a couple more Russian Green splotches. Steyrs get Russian Green with Black barrel, and a Gun Metal highlight. Minimis are Black with Gun Metal highlights as well.
New Zealand Flag shoulder patches are Blue and the flash is Black with a White Kiwi. 
(More to come later...)


  1. They look nice sculpts enhanced with some superb painting.

    1. Thanks mate! The sculpts are great.
      I've just put up better pictures of the nearly done fireteam.

  2. Painting like a pro, looking good Adam

    1. Thanks mate. They've got to look good on the table next to your beauties! Just takes me forever.

  3. Absolutely stunning fig's and even better with the paint job Adam! Lovely work!

  4. Cheers mate! Now I just need to channel your skills at buildings! I've got an idea or two...

    1. Well, if you need any help just let me know!