Saturday, 16 November 2013

The game is called X Wing, not TIE Fighter.

Popped over to Andy's house last night as Jamie was going introduce him to X Wing and I was keen to play as well. I have amassed a small fleet since starting my collection last Christmas. In my head I was going to play my Firespray and a couple assorted fighters as evil PMC's, (which I might add is an MO of mine that seems to come up often, can you say Id?).
Instead we wanted to use the YT1300 (Millenium Falcon!), and honestly who wouldn't, with four escort X wings versus two gangs of TIE fighters.
The first was a large flight of TIE's and a bomber.
The second flight was three TIE fighters flown by the best pilots in the Fleet. (Barring Vader... where is Vader...)

Why we fight! The Rebels trying to break the blockade.
 I was offered the Rebels and frankly I was stoked on learning the Falcon. Looking at the large table I decided to push for one flank and roll them up. Trying to minimize the firing AT ME.;-)

Jamie's flight of TIE fighters escorting a bomber.
 After a couple turns of no contact just dodging asteroids it looked like Jamie was playing into my hand. I tried to cut out the bomber and isolate two of the TIE fighters. In a fusilade of photon torpedoes I dropped the bomber and another TIE and damaged a third.

Andy's flight of doom! The best of the fleet.
 Meanwhile, Andy was onto my left two X wings. They had bonuses to being together and close in shooting, a tough combo. The third had a flank attack bonus die

First furball, getting stuck in.
He was the newest player but he got right in there, battering off Biggs' shields.

Traffic jam tactic?
 Clunk! When you bump into another ship you have to stop early and you lose your action. You also can't shoot at the ship you hit! So if you have a couple low piloting skill TIE fighters you might just park in front of the biggest ship on the board. Causing a five ship pile up!

It worked for a bit.
It would have been funnier if it didn't cause Wedge to get in a wee bit of trouble. As in getting his shields and more shot off!
Retribution comes quickly, after lots of rolling we finally get most of the other TIE fighters destroyed. But we lose Wedge! Our best pilot.
Luke gets to thank his plot immunity and sadly Biggs comes with a red shirt, so he didn't make it either.

Very fun game, I got some practice in with a bigger ship. All of their models are quite cool but I definitely have a soft spot for the old Falcon.


  1. Was a lot of fun. We'd originally been going to give the Rebds to Andy (who has expressed no preference.... but I am beginning to suspect has an affinity for the Evil Empire) but I think would have been a bit more of a learning curve using the torps etc vs the 'simplicity' of being small and undergunned lol. I was just in a hurry to take the first hits so Andy would get a chance to learn the game ;)

    1. Yeah definitely, my result was mostly due to not using a points based buy in. ;-)
      More importantly, how many innocent builders were killed when the rebels destroyed the Death Star?