Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Projects that I can't afford yet.

First up is my longtime love affair with SciFi 28mm Skirmish, Tomorrows War or Infinity.

Do you want fried with that? We can deliver.
I actually do have a WIP going with this. Plan on using a mix of some modern figs, and some scifi assorted bots and combat armor dudes. As little W40K as possible...

This idea was planted in my head long ago by the old movie Flesh and Blood, as well as The Last Valley. It was recently rebooted by Martin bringing Condottieri to Day of Days a couple years back.
Condottieri 28mm Skirmish, not sure what ruleset. Ideas?
Funny ass outfits till you bring up the grit levels a few notches. Then scary clown!
I want to use something like SAGA for this, but with formations and better weaponry. A campaign game for sure...
Speaking of SAGA, I knew I should have bought those Native American minis they did. I saw them on special somewhere ages ago. Frak! Just saw Valhalla Rising, not for the weak of heart. But it got me thinking.

Onto more things not for the weak of heart. Arguably my first not 28mm skirmish wish because I would like to play this in all scales! Well 15mm and 28mm anyway.
The First Indochina War

Rocking the superb FM 24-29
The bonus is that I could use my Yanks for FoW for most of the units in 15mm, though of course some specialised infantry would be rad. As well, the Viet Minh in 28mm could be VC from the Second Indochina War. Tons of great weapons, a lot of tactics and techniques that were being perfected for later on. Or conversely some that had been developed and used in WW2 being used here again with different effects.

Others in my wish list.
Spacecraft campaign ala 2300AD
Napoleonic Russians
Cossacks and Siberian natives

What are yours?
Got any tips for the above?


  1. Hey Adam,

    I'm working on a Post Apoc sci if game based on a certain popular game. Minis on the way - it will be campaign based with persistent experience etc.

  2. Heh, I'm all about the wishlists :-)

    I personally reckon TW would be sweet for PosApoc as it's stats exactly cover thectype of stuff we would want to model.
    For non PostApoc I am enamoured of Infinity for the kewl factor. Just need lots of terrain.

    What period condotierre? Will have to check out those films. Loved 'the profession of arms' about the end of the Condottiere. Was doing mine for something like Impetvs or 'pike and shotte'

    1. Lol, I know mate.:-)
      Pretty much on the same page with you then, not sure Jas is?
      I'm thinking later in my head, just because it's 'dirtier and worse'. I may do my schtick of using sabot bases and it will be grown into a Impetvs army. My main idea is a skirmish campaign though.
      Check out those films for sure.

    2. I just see an 'ambush alley' type scenario where a couple of power armoured dudes protect a dude and his mutant pack mule plus some refugee family from feral raiders and think the FOF rules are made for this.

    3. Well i am open to suggestion....though i quite like percentile based systems

      Will pick up a copy of tomorrows war and have another look at it. Im thinking Tech Level 2 at best. No heavy armour etc. Think the good campaign elements of Necromunda/Mordhiem but better game system rules. :)

      I quite like retro 50's future as opposed to an evolution from present time.

  3. The Seven Samurai scenario, a classic! I agree, FoF would be a good fit.
    My mental picture is some kind of mercenary gang, tech around Alien or something.