Monday, 28 October 2013

[Sangin] Heading home from an ambush

Had a great weekend of home DIY and a bit of time in the garden. But before that nonsense I popped over to Conquest to visit my mates running the Skirmish Sangin demo. Colin, the designer and Pooch.
They were trying out a newish scenario and invited me to roll some dice and have a go. There were civilians on the table so ISAF troops had to positively ID every target.

The twins returning the colonialists fire! Sadly no keys in the Hiluxs.
 Basically the Taliban had just ambushed another force and were bugging out home when they encounter the blocking force. The anvil in a hammer and anvil movement that is! Bugger!

Command brick of Kiwis, I thought...
 We need to get as many past the cordon as possible, well finish off a few as well please.
That command Kiwi brick hadn't actually entered the table yet... Ask questions...

Colonialist grenadier hiding in a mosque! (Andy's awesome work!)
Everything was going smoothly, if difficultly then we hit their line and instantly my best man, with the RPG7, was killed. No one was close enough to him to grab it! In the end I did finally get it and the glistening RPG was in fact a death wish. Immediately killed.

Elite Kiwi grunt
 We shot this guys three times! The first two he shrugged off with his body armor. Just grazed him. The third time was at short range with a PKM light machinegun. He didn't shrug that off. The minis are a bunch of brand new modern ANZACs that Dish Dash have available very soon. Very nice sculpts of troopies in modern kit, including their battle bras, kevlars, C9's and Steyrs. Radio operators, 203's and ACOG's on the way.

Trying to get past the infidels!
In the end I only got one terry off the board. But I had wounded two and killed one! Pooch still won, but it was very fun indeed. The system is getting very quick for me now. I highly recommend printing off the phase counter as it made very simple to track. (like I could do it simple...)

Then I had to run home for a bit. I did manage a few quick hellos though. Looked like a good turnout and some great tables and models.
That afternoon I went over to Poochs bach with a few mates and we had a great time telling wargaming and travel and actual war yarns til the wee hours. Huzzah gents! See  you all soon I hope.


  1. Looks like some very entertaining gaming. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice one Adam, mosque looking better with another coat on, looks like fun, kiwis looking great too
    see you soon mate

    1. Cheers bro, it looked good already! We need to get a game in ASAP!

  3. Excellent post Adam. I only got a couple of photos of this game but it did look really good! The paint work on the Kiwis was amazing!!

    1. Great to see you on Saturday Rodger! Your mobs game of Bolt Action looked really fun and some of your ideas on the table were really cool. Your houses were absolutely awesome mate! Also dug your paddleboat!

  4. The games looked great Adam.

    Those kiwi mini's are awesome and Andy is a terrain genius!