Monday, 29 July 2013

Tight 360, Recon in RVN

Something from the back of my mind, a haunting if you will, has always been the Vietnam war. It was going on when I was born and continued for years of course. In the Marines I was trained and led by veterans of the conflict. In fact we trained for it so much that we hadn't trained enough for the deserts and mountains that would dominate the terrain for the actual wars after I was out of uniform.
That said, there were a lot of lessons learned that shaped the modern military, including reconnaissance and scout sniping. Mission planning as well as employment changed a lot.

6 man Marine Recon team on my old trousers...

The challenge for me is really to make it work. I know the uniforms and equipment too well.
If that's possible. The camo scheme must be ARVN "Tiger Stripe", used by their Marines and Rangers, and so also used by our Special Forces as well as Marines and LRRPs, others especially advisors and journo's wore it as well.
I ordered a few minis from the Assault Group again, ages ago, they are actually ANZAC models but have the right webbing and boonie hats to make it work. I ended up with eight minis, two with M60 MG's which you usually wouldn't bring with you, and two with M79 40mm grenade launchers, which you would.

Marine Recon circa 1967

I'll have to do some customizing as well as a horrorshow paint job.
Rules wise, I might actually lean towards Skirmish Sangin since I can only bring five or six guys. For larger engagements I'll use Force on Force.


  1. Cool looking fig's. Looking forward to seeing them painted!

    1. It will happen mate. Soon, just kinda tied up by the wee one. Gonna have to work on that.;-)