Sunday, 14 July 2013

Skirmish Sangin Playtest

Pooch came back to Chch for logistical purposes but managed to squeeze in a test drive of his newest project.

Skirmish Sangin is an NZ designed tactical wargame simulating the modern conflict in Afghanistan. (Sangin is in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan. Some very heavy combat has occurred there involving 3 Para, 7th Marines and others.)
The book itself is really good looking with high quality British MOD photos scattered throughout and benefitting from the fact that one of the writers is a graphic designer as well. A good one at that I'd say!

It uses a percentile system which I was worried about but the modifiers actually are pretty simple. As most of you know I've got a lot of rpging under my belt so I'm not scared off by crunchy rule sets. This isn't just BRP as I was led to believe. It is a lot more simple and playable.
You will want to have some paper to keep track of your soldiers stats etc. and I would still probably limit it to a squad per side.

A very nice mini of a kiwi trooper with a SAW.
There are chits to show morale effects from getting hit or seeing someone close by hit. They can also be used to show prone or kneeling positions that effect spotting, shooting and getting shot at. The modifiers add up quickly, but most are easy to remember, 10% plus or minus.

Another really cool mini from Pooch's stash.
He also brought the new minis that they had commissioned. Very nice ones too! Good poses and the proper scale, compared with the other Empress minis that were on the table. Great sculpts, ANZAC specific with kevlar helmets, Brit style webbing, battle bras and Steyrs. Cool!

Three men from the same brick, one has just tested his body armor!
We had a quick shoot out between two fireteams on each side and I, typically, couldn't roll to save my own life. One of my Taliban RPK gunners failed to make a 70%spot roll five times in a row. (But I no longer believe in probability...)
Terry at work
With both Andy and Jason picking up a copy I'm sure we will be playing again soon. I'll be there.;-)


  1. I'm gonna put this here for Pooch.
    Guess where this occurred?

  2. Clifford Wooldridge is soooo BAD! what a marine!
    Thanks Adam, kinda hilarious write-up huh!
    Fun game too, sorry your guys were so useless with their rolls... we will play again, like you I enjoyed the percentage mechanic, hopefully next time you might get better luck. I started a blog but I cant get the pics from my phone onto the laptop (so I hissied and sulked and gave up) I'm glad you posted some pics.

    1. Sergeant Clifford Wolfridge is a frickin badass. That write up is funny but hopefully people will get that he is a real Marine.
      Yeah it was a fun game.
      Funny to about the modern problems, my hardware won't talk to my software, or whatever's. :-)
      It has taken me ages...