Sunday, 25 August 2013

[Sangin] Checking in on a checkpoint.

Been a while since I've posted though we got in a couple games of D&D 3.25 between wargaming.
I've been killing things and taking their stuff just like it says on the box. = Rad;-)

This was to be a second practice game for me and an intro for my mate Simon who had to cancel at the last minute so it was just me and Andy.
Andy's idea was that would just do 400 points and he had 6 guys that represented a police checkpoint that had gone over to the terrys. They had an one rpg between them and other than that just AK's.
I had brought my Dumvee so I used that as an average crew with a couple extra MG's and another crewman for 400 all in.

Driving into the ville cautiously
 On the way in we stop at the fork and have a gander. We luckily spot a shooter who looks out of place and we begin taking fire before we light him up with the Mk19. First blood. Time to run for the safety of the checkpoint itself, just 40m away!

The 'dicker' reports to the big terry
 After that we start taking shots from both sides of the track. The first few miss, then we find out that AK's can easily disable us on a single hit. Pooch did mention he was rewriting this mechanic! In fact it should have killed everyone on board. We decided that it was just a vehicle kill instead. My three crew bail, pinned down behind the dumvee!

Big terry, prone in good cover
 Their leader was a luckily not a good shot and we were in cover behind the dumvee now. A series of potshots went on between the sides for a couple phases. My #3 with his 40mm grenade launcher missing and watching it scatter to various ineffectual places.

Truck is now useless after being blown up!
 Eventually a terry gets a good shot on my #2 and his body armor saves his butt. 1 damage, -10% to everything. Lucky!

Collecting a stack of morale markers
 My #1 shoots back hitting a lone shooter across the street and seriously wounding him. No body armor for the bad guys makes it tough. Arguably the body armor is too good. Probably representing the best kit not the lighter plate carriers or obsolete vests seen on the ANA or ANP. (They list two types, 1d6+4 and 1d10+4.)

Lcpl Snuffy goes forward
 With his right flank now open Lcpl Snuffy, my #1, goes for the gusto. He has already been missed a couple times and shrugged off the morale checks no problem.

Looking for an easy shot on the survivors
 Heavy weapons are hard to use for average characters. Usually starting with less than a 30% before modification by conditions. Reloading a grenade launcher takes two of your three action points per phase so it limits rate of fire pretty well. Can you aim at inanimate objects or points on the map?

Lcpl Snuffy finally getting supported on his solo foray

Hand to hand ensues. Attacker rolls first, defender can parry. I roll decent and Andy rolls crappy.
After successfully getting a wound on the terry inside covering the door, and coincidentally the terry covering the front window finally completely blows a morale check and retires. Making me the new owner of the building.
We conceded for time.
Very narrowly ahead am I, not even sure I can get the other building without having to withdraw after getting anyone wounded. That said he only has three guys and one is seriously wounded.
Andy honestly had terrible luck with the dice. His new terrain is even better, there are a few new shrubs and the new small terrain boards are great too.
Fun game and I'm getting a pretty good handle on how to do stuff after only my second try.
Huzzah Andy!


  1. Great report Adam! Lovely looking game, the troops look fantastic and the terrain is really nice. Excellent stuff!

    1. Thanks Rodger, the terrain is all Andy's the minis are mine as well as his awesome looking Terry's.
      You'll see more I'm sure.:-)

  2. Huzzah bro, definitely they need to work on those armour NON-penetration rules! My dice were awesome when it came to taking out the Dumvee! That said and 1 RPG hit = game over! I can upgrade them to veteran but no point getting silly about it!
    Armour definitely a little broke in my view although we didn't add your 80 points of weapons onto the list cos I forgot as we get an AK for free, whereas you get armour for free.

    Perhaps we need a second opinion on whether its a good idea to safely fire a UGL under a Humvee ;)

    Nice report, next time perhaps Rus or something, I feel like getting away from the desert for a game or two!

    1. I definitely think that is unsafe to fire a 203 from underneath a Humvee. I was picturing him underneath the tailgate behind the rear wheel or something. He couldn't hit squat anyway. :-)
      Fun game in any case, looking forward to bigger engagements soon. I'll pay for weapons this time, why not.

      Saga for sure mate!

  3. Wow! That games looks great guys.


    1. Thanks Craig, I tried to post on your bolt action write up but got kicked off. Probably my internet connection.

  4. next time perhaps we use aiming points (not just the target figure) for grenades and rockets... I don't think that's in the rules but it totally makes sense... especially if you just want to hit a building or a wall.

    The Dumvee looks too cool to not have it on the battlefield, you did a great job of it... hopefully some new rules for its armour won't be too far away (or we just make some of our own for the next Hummer outing!)

    SAGA sounds great!
    Have an awesome time away

    1. We'll experiment for sure and have a chat with Pooch as well. The aiming point idea seems logical and is probably already in the rules!

      I too like my dumvee and it's not even done yet. (Honestly me and my half finished models...) They didn't have much armor early on but one burst vehicle kills from an AK are a bit much to be that common.

      Huzzah my Kievan Rus!
      See you soon mate.