Wednesday, 10 July 2013

[ACW] With 3rd Corps at Gettysburg

Had a great time, after nearly all of the painting was done, last weekend when we refought Gettysburg at my local.
Rules were Fire and Fury
My mate Nick came down with the bulk of the 3rd Corps, generously he gave me half to run. I had the first Division of 3rd Corps, he had the second
The gang from Southern Strategists did most of the heavy lifting. With Rodger doing a ton of awesome buildings as well as his army. Another South Island blogger mate was across from me as well Craig C! Bloody Rebels!

Ward's Brigade at the extreme southern flank of the Union Army, the Devils Den.

Little Roundtop lies behind completely unoccupied

de Trobland's Brigade in front of the wheat field

Graham's Brigade in the Oeach Orchard

3rd Corps 2nd Division in the Peach Orchard

McLaws first charge into deTrobland

After the second charge!

By the end of day one Sickles had nearly split the Confederate forces

Some of 2nd Division was thrown back to Troxles Farm

North of our exciting southern battlegrounds was a long blue line

Kent waiting for Russells attack

Dave's awesome wagon

Ward had moved off of the Den to avoid three batteries of guns

But charged back in first thing on Sunday smashing Robertson

Little Round Top before it was decided either way

After McLaws threw us out we went in three more times, unsucessfully

For those who are counting we lost by 8 points overall. The Devils Den was worth 10 to the Union...


  1. Great pictures- thoroughly enjoyed it Adam. We were lucky to hold the Den and you guys certainly gave Rodger's division a mauling on day 1!


    1. Thanks Craig, great fun.
      Your army looked great too, just needed better luck. Very close on the Round Tops eh.

  2. Excellent photos Adam! Thanks for the mention above. Thanks to for being a great opponent over the weekend , a thoroughly enjoyable time! I have heard there is another ACW game planned for next year and maybe a smaller game in a couple of months time if you are keen!

    1. Thanks Rodger, a couple are dodgy even after cutting out the chaff.
      Same to you mate, you had a rough first day and stayed in the game.
      I actually feel pretty lucky about our combination of terrain and good rivals.

      Now that you mention it I have a brigade!