Saturday, 8 June 2013

Lots of news, no time to post!

Hi guys, most of you know I've been flat out with the arrival of a brand new co-conspirator.
My son Markian appeared a couple days early, nearly two weeks ago! We're hella stoked, to fall into the California vernacular which is in fact my native tongue. He is healthy and happy and we are all doing great.

Onto the PN news! Before and after this earth shaking event we've snuck in a couple games of the old school D&D 3.25, meaning whatever 3.5 stuff Jamie likes he keeps.;-) I'm good with that as I believe he has relatively sound judgement in these matters. I'm running my usual sneaky fighter type, in this case a Half Orc Barbarian - Rogue. Before anyone starts yelling, 'Min maxer!', I would like to add that he has no spiked chain... only because I couldn't afford one or the required feat.8P For those who point out that my Earthdawn character was also an Orc, I will point out that Orc is a racist Dwarvish slur, and shut up already!
Anyway fun times.
Half Magdan with Falchion
On the WIP front I have a few things going on as you know.
Priority One. ACW is ticking over nicely thank you very much.

Painting up the bulk of the sharpshooters

Union Zouaves, based on 5th New York of course

Union regulars

Some regulars led to the front by a sharpshooter

As well as my modern guys head swap and some mods.

Tamiya crew minis with Perry Zouave heads!

Black wash

Nearly done!

To base or not to base?

I'm just gonna leave this here for Simon who never posts here.


  1. You are a very busy man! The first up mini is fantastic though. Congrats!

  2. Congratulations congratulation!! Not sure how you'll get him to stay still while you paint and base him though. :)

  3. Toecutter!

    I sent some congrats Ruth's way two weeks ago. So, I'll say to you: congrats! Nice work on the ~500mm addition.

    1. Lol thanks mate.
      500mm scale indeed!
      See you soon!

  4. Hey Adam,
    don't base the Humvee! (in my humble opinion) and the crew conversions look great too.

    ACW painting is coming along nicely, I'm struggling to find the time at present

    ;) Congrats mate

    1. I'm with you I think, just had an idea for a river bed base.
      Yeah I've had a tough time. I'm pretty stoked on you're new modern terrain!

  5. I agree with Andy - big scale vehicles look no good on bases unless it's something like Impetvs IMO.

    I like the Half-Magden. Spiked chain, what kind of crazy theoretical weapon is that? Sounds like it could never work in practice. I wonder where you would ever buy one :P

    1. It does sound very theoretical doesn't it?
      I may need to check out that Magden book again. ;-)
      Also next level should be ranger? Or ninja?

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