Sunday, 26 May 2013

[Infinity] Some pics from an introductory game.

Had a great test drive, if you will, with Martin and Clinton, of Infinity, another 28mm skirmish game!

Clinton and I were playing the Haqqislam fighting off, or in this case trying to fight off, Martin's evil aliens. Either the ALEPH or the Combined Armies, not really sure...
It uses a d20 that usually you are trying to roll under, but still beat the enemies roll. An interesting mechanic.

Just admire Martin's set up ok.

Yep a sniper duel!

HMG holding the right

Get to cover!

Very dangerous character!

The alien back line.

Right before they were both overun.

Victory to the aliens...

Cheers Martin, Clinton and Jonathan! Fun game, I'll play again for sure. Great mini's and a cool story. Now owned by FFG I think. Most of these awesome paint jobs are Clintons.


  1. Infinity does look interesting, and their modesl have some ok power-armoured examples AND that is on the 'list'. I did some digging, Martin's are Combined Armies, I think. But I am guessing he has multiple factions?

    1. Thanks bro that was my main theory. And yes he does have a couple;-)
      I think it has made my 'list' as well.
      It played pretty quick and realistic and the back story was good as are the models as you mentioned.