Friday, 10 May 2013

[ACW] Ward's Brigade, halfway there.

Well I'm halfway there anyway. Based and mostly done, I may throw some stripes on the Sergeants as well as needing flags and individual Regimental markings.

I have seven stands to go but I'm making a few extra. I've also got a cannon in the works. The Perry plastics are great as are their metals of course. However I may have to keep the sharpshooters on separate bases as the Redoubt minis seem a bit big.

Here are some WIP shots.

Here are the 'red legs' of the gun crew.

Command stand for my Sharpshooters

Sharpshooter stand with tube optics mounted on their competition rifles

Zouaves and more regular Union infantry.

All of this is for the Gettysburg Refight scheduled for July here in CHCH.
I'll be running Ward's Brigade as part of Sickle's (Nick Garden's) 3rd Corps.


  1. Very nice, and the basing is beyond outstanding :)

  2. Great stuff Adam!
    I'll have to put the boot in on getting my own done!

  3. Why do you call the artillerymen "Red legs"?

    1. Hi Don, in the US military, the artillery is referred to as 'red legs' because of the red stripes worn on their trousers since the American Civil War.

    2. Well... I've been reading, reenacting and studying the CW since I was a little kid and I have not read the soldiers call them that in the War. Where have you read that, in what memoirs?

    3. Also, only NCO's would have red stripes down their trousers, not the privates or officers.

    4. Are you saying that you've never heard the term. Which is well documented back to the Mexican War. Or are you saying that because you've never read a memoir that used it that I was using it out of character.
      I'm familiar with the use of the stripe for NCO's only.

  4. Awesome!!! Stunning basework.

  5. Keep up the great work.