Sunday, 5 May 2013

[Epic Modern] What we call Conflict '89

Had a great game with Jason the other night.
We hadn't hung out in a while so we decided to have a game of Epic Modern. After spending so long working on it with fellow ChCh gamers, Pooch, Jon and Andy, it is imperative that we play it now and again.;-)
Jas said, 'Fulda Gap' and it was on like Donkey Kong. 1750 points, so roughly a battalion each.
That is where I used to play a lot when I first started in this hobby thirty six years ago.(!)

Slight variation, Jason was using the FRG's 1st Armored Brigade's Panzergrenadiers and Leopard 2a4s, while I was using the traditional Soviet Guards Motorized Rifle Battalion.

"What makes you think that this is the main effort Hans?"

Sadly a lot of my photos were crap so hopefully Jas got some good ones of his awesome army.
Including Raketenjagdpanzer, Marder 1a3s, Leo 2a4 and Luchs' .

T-72B's in their assembly area
 We were using the mobile defence scenario that Pooch had come up with last year and we had playtested a couple times.(?) Half of the defenders on table, the other half need an activation roll, then on a 4+ they enter. Otherwise it's next turn.

Tracked Recon Platoon
 The recon platoons in my armies are always there and they seldom survive. Irony? In this scenario we gave the recce boys a free move. That put them into the frozen marsh to cover the right flank of the target bridge.

Motorized Rifle Company in their assembly area
 The plan was run the motorized company up the left flank, paste the bridge defenders with the Hind and the 2s1's. Recce covering the tanks as they move up to smack whomever reacts. Ahem.

Krok eviscerating Panzergrenadiers
 Paste the bridge. With some lucky rolls this became truly horrific. First the AA missles missed. Then I finished off several vehicles and a few infantry stands. Finally the 122mm howitzers hit, killing a couple more stands and breaking the formation.
I was stoked, this is easy, just move up the grunts and we're done right?
The Motor company rocks up to the river and we pop one for moving over 5cm in difficult and rolling a 1.
No biggie...

Crossing the frozen river becomes problematic
Then we get hit by the 120mm mortars from the postcard village, kills another couple BTR's and two infantry squads fail to survive as well. 7 BM's.
This is starting to look like work! Bring in the tanks bro!

The last moments of my unscathed tank company
 Hiding behind a chemical refinery, that's an awesome idea Adam. Sadly, I didn't even do that right.
Can you hear the Leopards? (That's an AT3+ Macro weapon with 75cm range kids, someone is going to get hurt.)

Recon platoon covering the flank from a frozen marsh.
The recon platoon has been trading potshots with the Milan armed Racketenjagdpanzer on top of a rise. We finally succeed when we roll two 6's! Woot, two dead panzers and a broken platoon; for a minute.

The flaming wreckage of 10 T72's
The Leos show up and smash three T72's, I make a short move into the refinery and shoot back, killing one. Of the Ten.
Then I fail to activate my MRR company, twice.
Also the Hind, being air farce types. Go on their break.
Then all seven remaining T72's dissapear in gouts of flame. I hadn't hidden them well enough.
Luckily the Leos fail to activate in here somewhere. You know after the shooting.

Finally it comes down to my recon platoon charging the bridge and shooting down the Luchs'. Then the Marders from the survivors of the original defending company kill two BMP-2's breaking the platoon.
Very fun to test our knowledge of the game that we hadn't played in a bit. We did pretty good. Started late and finished not too later. We both know and pointed out our mistakes and bad die rolls.

Huzzah Jason!


  1. Heya Adam,

    Cheers for the Game!

    Its was great to play Conflict '89 even if the dirty Krokadiles very much ruined my poor Panzergrens day!

    I forgot how much I enjoyed this game, and how quickly it can swing! I would be keen to play some more once I repaint the Germnans and add all the required Infantry support.

    Loving your Soviets too and that Refinery is sweet.


    1. Thanks bro, fun game even when getting pasted.

      Yeah you're poor infantry company... They knew they were parked on the objective. ;-)
      Infantrymen know that you never truly feel sorry for us.

  2. Oh yea! I do miss the 6mm goodness! I do have an update to those rules somewhere on my computer...

    That damn Krokodil was back again I see- no one seems to be safe from them!

    1. Yeah well we miss you too. Where is the Pooch!
      Super fun to get a game in of this.
      Yes the evil Hind made an appearance. If it wasn't that it would have been a battalion commander or an SU24.
      I rolled really well too.
      Do you want to do a playtest version yet?

    2. That would be good. I think with me being pretty busy with Sangin, I might complete what I have and put it into some sort of order, then pass it on to you guys to take the lead on.

      I will still be happy to read/review and give my thoughts on it tho!

      The Hind is a great airframe...

    3. Hey Pooch,

      Be keen as to do this - fire it our way!


    4. I'm into helping on this as well.
      It's a great game.

    5. Sweet- I should break the back of what I am working on in the next week or two, will get the 6mm stuff out and see where I was at.

      I will get on to it (promise!)

  3. Hi all from Greece
    Do you know where I can get the stats in order to play Modern era games using the Epic rules?
    I have been playing BGMR and MSH (Modern) for some time but I am always on the search for Modern era games

    1. Hi John, we are working on a playtest version of our stuff.
      Watch this space.

    2. Thanks
      I will be watching

    3. Was about to ask the same thing! will go back to lurking this blog XDDD!

    4. John, how do you find BGMR? I have the rules but seems really complicated (in a good way), what do you think?

  4. Great winter board and scenery.

    Are "Kroks"(?) tough to find in 15mm, or is the exaggerated scale used to represent the... swath of destruction they can dish out?

    1. Hey Keane, nope these are all to scale. 6mm Hind-D look pretty scary don't they!
      GHQ makes a while huge range of these things and has for decades. They are the original wargame miniature maker for actual military use, which is why they have all of the cold war stuff.

    2. Holy hell, yes, that is scary.

  5. Hey are you guys using the epic rules? If so could you share the changed lists?

    1. We will. I have just chased up my mate Pooch who was a main writer along with Jas.

    2. Great, I'm looking forward to it.