Saturday, 27 April 2013

[Bolt Action] On Sakhalin Island, there will be blood!

Had a good throw down with Jamie for the first time in yonks. He had just got the new Soviet book from Warlord games so he had a proper list for his awesome minis that he's been working on for some time.
These included the fearsome Soviet sappers, complete with flamethrowers and body armour. He had two short squads of them, plus a squad of my fave Razvedki, a sniper team, a 120mm mortar and observer as well as his officer and the free squad of conscripts.
I noticed that he had forgotten his T-34/85, I began to breathe easier.
I had my usual guys. I will continue to bring my AT grenades, and upgrade my 60mm to a medium mortar, but I will not forget to upgrade the Water Buffalo to HMG's. I am ordering a few BAR's to stiffen my squads up and I should probably get a bazooka...ahem. Shopping list post coming up soon.
Anyhoo roughly 675 points each.

Assault Engineers are as scary as they are expensive! 21 points each.
We rolled and I was defending in the same scenario as last time, defender gets half on, rolls to enter the last quarter, attacker goes all in! (I decided the other day when this was arranged, that we were fighting on Sakhalin island, trying to restore Japanese sovereignty to them, we suspected there was oil reserves...)
I plonked down a rifle squad on my right in a ruin. The MMG team went to the extreme left in a wood and my Scout Sniper team went right next to the objective. My Officer and Corpsmen units approached quickly thereafter.

The oft mentioned 'free' squad of conscripts. That's 12d of shooting folks!
His squad on conscripts was right in front with a squad of assault engineers on both sides of them and the sneaky razvedki crawling through a wood on right, aiming for the ruins as well.

My favorite Soviets, the Razvedki. This photo doesn't do them justice.
Sure enough, first move they edge further forward but are still out of line of sight.

Marine Scout Sniper team lurking and trading shots with their opponents.
The sniper duelling commences, getting multiple hits on each other but no kills other than a hapless Soviet flamethrower that we shot for entertainment purposes.

First squad holding my right flank. This would be the main point of effort.
I knew he was going to through a lot at my first squad, but they had to hold out! Second squad was on the way. In a critical move when they did arrive I moved them into direct support of the first.

These guys attracted a lot of attention from my MMG and sniper and would pay for it.
Jamie cheekily runs this squad of sappers right at me in the open, albeit at long range. We obligingly machine-gunned them  repeatedly. Eventually pinning them completely.

If my mortars would only range in.
While they massed for the assault I couldn't get my mortars to range in, they kept moving!

The Razvedki are my new sneaky neighbors
The Soviet recon boys moved in next door and then their sapper buddies flamethrowered first squad!

Last three standing in first squad after getting torched!
They held their positions though. At least until a direct hit from a 120mm mortar round killed them all!
Things were looking grim!

The 'old man' arrives to do his part supporting his brothers.
The Lt and his Platoon Sergeant and RTO move into the gap. Firing on the move from their Thompsons as they occupy another ruin and wait for the onslaught.

The flamethrower team gets their first kills of many for the night.
Seeing the opportunity Pfc Spunkmeyer runs forward of second squad and flamethrowers the razvedki to such an extent that the few survivors flee. (He may have been goaded into action by his A-gunner, Chesty;)

After this I got some dice one after another. The LVT moved up and MG'd the Soviet officer and his adjutant to pieces.
Then second squad moved into the smoking ruin that the razvedki had just fled.
Next turn this allowed them to assault the second sapper squad which had been whittled down by the flamethrower again! (Rolled to not run out of fuel twice.)
After that there was just the mopping up really. Including, yes, flaming the conscripts and machinegunning the mortar.

Fun game Jamie! I should remember to borrow your dice more often, as I will settle for ones that don't act in strict defiance of math.
Sadly I need to man my LVT in order to shoot it. It looks like my Corpsman will be cruising around with them in the future.


  1. Hi Adam cool report. Yes I was being cheeky with that squad out in the open - but now I see I still have to worry about pinning, even if they never die lol

    Something else to bear in mind for future games - the target ofmthat 120mm barrage still (I think) hadnt activated so you have the option to 'go down' as a reaction. I keep forgetting about this rule as it is the one rule I can rely on Nathan to remember. A 'down' unit halves hits from HE.......


    1. You're right of course. I remember Nathan pointing it out as well. As I recall you got four kills on three guys.
      I still feel pretty lucky.

  2. Great Batrep. Looks like you guys are hooked on Bolt Action as well.

    1. Thanks mate. I went kicking and screaming, but had fun and keep coming back.
      Love 28mm skirmish and it's got some good mechanics to go with some average mechanics.
      I'm in.

    2. I think the best argument for it is that it is really simple. I like Force on Force, in theory, but am still not 100% sold on it, in practice.

      I might just need more umm practice with it though? I liked some of the ideas in the Sci-Fi version - especially in that it was modelling colonial wars and the odd merc action.