Sunday, 7 April 2013

[FoF] Sometimes negotiations go south.

Haven't had a chance to get a game with Andy since we teamed up for Day of Days. So we had a kind of last minute gig with some of our newly finished models.
We are both fans of Force on Force so we decided to give that another go. Other ideas which will come up soon are Saga and Impetvs.
He had some new hostage minis painted up to go with his large mob of unspecific terrorist types. Mostly Chechen separatists along with quite a few balaclava types in a great collection of camouflage gear.
I had 12 Elite commando types, MARSOC in fact with a single modified Humvee and an ATV. d10/d10
Andy insisted on ,d6shoot/d8 assault/d12 morale, for his huge mob of goons. Nearly 30 to start, with respawning at two hotspots. We had to grab the hostages, and get all four off of the table.
Sounds easy? Well he also had the initiative for the first two turns, as we were here for a simple ransom pay off.
The ambush was their idea.

Just let the civvies go and pick up the money

Our dumvee was standing by to pick them up

A little security is never a bad idea

They have similar ideas, and worse ones as well...

Things go pear shaped...
 They begin shooting at the exchange team while we start getting info from our drone overhead that there are a couple dozen heat signatures around the area.

Exchange team turns into assault team and runs down the terrs. Capturing one!

Support arrives and starts firing into a team of hostiles. 7d10!

RPG's start flying from two sides

The first hits, do little, then as more start slamming into the vehicle it is immobilized!

More RPG's fly

The dumvee crew dismounts in good order.(!)

Hostile team ready to take on the American scum!

Yes everyone was hit...

This security team poured out a volume of fire
We eventually get advanced medical rolls and every one gets better, except for the captured EPW and a single operator with a light wound! Nice rolling!
Andy keeps shooting us up but only tries one assault that goes horribly.
By turn 3 I still haven't got the initiative, but I have started moving my team and the hostages with my EPW towards the exit point. It's still a long ways off though, especially when a team can only move 6" because of the dependents/casualties.
On turn four I smashed another team in assault and we later called it for time. I had all of the hostages and an EPW, but wouldn't have been able to exit by turn 6.

We are still working on balancing this better and having our toys.
The few times that I was seriously threatened my dice saved me, sometimes very closely indeed.
There was no saving the dumvee, though it was useful for the one round of firing it got done. Two actually. Hits were; 'immobilized', 'weapon' and then it was time to go. The crew was pinned at one point as well.

Very fun game for me. Probably a little frustrating for Andy. I think that more than one die shift between side is very tough to beat. I also would have concentrated my fires better and forced assaults. Most of the shooting was a bit spread out and it allowed me to use my better dice. Piling it on would force errors. Then assault!
We'll see though. The challenge is scenario writing really, and next time we will actually write one!


  1. Looks good Adam, has Andy been buy making more buildings?


  2. We both have a couple in the works I think. But these are all Andy's.
    Thanks Craig!

  3. The board is looking pretty amazing. Good AAR. Do they provide prewritten scenarios, to help with the balance?

  4. Yes there are federal in the back of the book. There are more in the supplements.
    Also in the sci Fi book tomorrows war there is a points system.
    But, then there is lucky rolling as well. D10 vs d6 is going to be a bitch.
    Thanks Jamie

  5. Great batrep by the way!

    Love this...28mm moderns is very tempting, as is tomorrows war.

    One project atva time!