Saturday, 13 April 2013

Dumvee mods continued.

Technically these are called GMV's, which has always sounded a bit acronym excessive. Ground mobility vehicles, really? Even for me and I was raised on the shiz. It means, we're special forces and walking is shit. "Where will we keep our stoves and folding chairs, er ammo and comms." 
Ahem. (Do I sound like a bitter infantryman...?) Obviously, motorized is much more mobile than hoof.
I like dumvee though, it's somehow better than Humvee, way better than HMMWV, and in the modern context, an unarmored humvee can be way dumber than an armored one.
By the way kiddos this is an age old argument, armor v mobility v range even. Which is the best? Whatever you need.

This is a Kiwi SAS customized humvee
 These also remind me of the groundbreaking work by the LRDG, and in this case especially by the Kiwi farmers which constituted the formative patrols.

If you look closely you can see the the bbq and the dog box.
 These were not from any kind of planned kit. Merely strip off what's not needed and make stuff to carry what they did. Kinda looking for a sundial.

Khaki plastic jerrys are water, green steel are diesel.
I need to order these evidently. Not the packs I can make packs,  I've got no bloody jerry cans. 
Interestingly they were designed pre WW2 and offered to many customers, including both the German and American armies.

Shelf and bed railings added, as well as MG mounts.

Antenna mount and MG mount and rear shelf. That's right M60's.

Marine snorkel and some paint finally.

Paint and wash and antenna mount.

Flexy passenger MG mount.

Corned beef shot.

So what you're thinking, is that this truck isn't finished. Also it's largely empty.
Both of these are true and part of what I'm thinking. I plan on doing two crew and some more kit, but I do want to keep room for mini's to stand in it and I am concerned with it being too fragile.
Anyway, fun project, I might have to do another one. I think Andy is keen as well...


  1. Looks Great Adam - great job.

    Your right in that you need at least a few (like 12) Jerry Cans. Didnt realise they were offered outside Germany prior to WW2, guess I learnt something. :)


  2. Thanks Jas, I will need a ton of Jerry cans.
    I just searched it again and the story isn't as clear cut as when I first heard it.
    It's kind of a joke any way when everyone adopted them soon after.

  3. Superb.
    A great blog BTW.

    1. Thanks a lot Pat.
      I just got turned on to your awesome blog.