Tuesday, 2 April 2013

[Bolt Action] Pacific island hoppers versus Army Group South

It's historical folks!;-)

So we finally got a game in. I had been trying for a bit, and had my whole weekend free and everyone cancelled due to sickness etc. Wtf!
Booked games that got cancelled blocked potential games etc. Real logistics bummer.

So finally, on Sunday night, an arranged game didn't fall through.
Bolt Action! Cool, but the contenders are all Axis except for my USMC Rifle Platoon.
Nathans Germans, Jon's Hungarians and Jason's Japanese! So it's decided that Jas and I will team up against the other bad guys. LOL.

[Sorry about the small number of pics but very few of the few I took turned out.]

Our allies, the Japanese! (Sorry for the unpainted pic Jas, most of your army looks great and is painted!)
 I'm still very much learning the rules. Embarassingly I even forgot my list. Oh well.

M1919 MMG team getting lit up by a PzkfwII Luchs
So yeah, my attached teams don't have AT grenades. Which never really existed btw.

MG42 team opens up on my rifle squad
 The Marines were holding the much contested, it turned out, left flank of the encirclement. We got hammered by a ton of ordinance. I was also called upon to defend American television, sadly I declined.

The Luchs! (Cool model Nathan!)
 The tanks are very ineffectual, so I'm quite happy with my LVT-2's two MMG's, despite it's lack of armor.

USMC Rifle squad
 These boys took a shed load of Hungarian and German machine gun and rifle fire and held their positions keeping the left flank secure, while our Japanese comrades went up the guts. In assaults is when the body count stacks.

When Buffaloes attack! (and rifle squad)
 My two unpainted minis appear in this photo. Sorry folks. Look an LVT!
Also, this entire fresh squad was killed in an assault attempt right after this picture.

Our Japanese allies with a M14/41 proxying a Jap tank.
Highlights were, Nates awesome building models, Jas's brilliant jungle fighters and Jon's really cool converted Germans.
Lowlights, my learning curve. Not surprising. I hate the arty rules, as well as the super-powered assault rifles.
SMG's get penalized for moving?

Though we did hang on and capture the objective, Nathan was able to contest it with a few panzergrenadiers. So we agreed, as gentlemen do, on a draw.
In all, it's always  fun to hang out my friends and shoot them, but it is more fun when I roll better!


  1. Hi Adam, sorry I got sick - at least I got this cool game of bolt action organised for you guys to play!

    Dont the US get a marching fire kind of rule that might help with the SMGs moving and firing? SMGs do get a penalty but are savage at their half range, as this is also 'point blank`.

    A lot of guys have taken to reffering to assault rifles as a German special rule and I think that is fair as other lists seem to get more free toys than they do.

  2. Yeah Nathan had ruled and I agreed on the wording that it didn't apply to anything other than rifles and carbines.
    The assault rifle rule is designed by call of duty players. Point taken about it being a German special rule, but they actually get plenty of special rules.
    Hope you're feeling better we need to get some Delta Green going!

  3. No wait. SMGs DON'T get a penalty for moving and shooting. Why would I think they did? Not sure, because I saw it in the blog post? ;)

    Neither do Pistols and Assault Rifles - for exactly the same reason. Do Shotguns also have the 'assault' characteristic?