Thursday, 25 April 2013

ANZAC Day; "always completely reliable and brave"

Complete text:
Infantry Brigadier Howard K. Kippenberger
Signed with pleasure for a good and faithful soldier whom I should have mentioned more than once. He drove my Bren carrier during the Bier Chleta and Bethamed period, always completely reliable and brave.
Wally Kimber Carrier Platoon, 20th Btn.

This may have been a note in a year book after the war or it may have been on the official NZ history of WW2 which Brigadier Kippenberger was the editor in chief. He had commanded the 20th battalion in Crete and Africa before moving in to command the 5th Brigade and finally the 2nd NZ Division. He was severely wounded by a mine at Monte Cassino

My 'Aunty' gave this to me the other day. It was her Uncle's keepsake from the second world war.
To me it was very interesting as a time capsule, when a note from Brigadier Kippenberger was probably better than a resume.
The campaigns he cites are hard for me to make out. "the Bier Chleta and Bethamed period"
Anyway good on ya Private Kimber, one of many we won't forget.


  1. That i very, very cool!


    1. I was hoping somebody might recognize those campaigns.
      Thanks Craig.

  2. What a wonderful thing to have! That really is cool!

  3. Wow, keep that safe. Have you discussed this with the Australian War Museum?

    1. I am going to do some more research.
      And keep it safe.;-)