Sunday, 31 March 2013

Dumvee WIP

Tamiya is the business

So ages ago Andy mentioned Dumvee and I said something like. "In Force on Force they will get caned, even my armored M113's got smashed by RPG's in my early games."
Then Pooch mentioned them, and I said something like. "Well but you won't be able to use them in the Mog..."
Then I bought a hardback Humvee and I started twitching. After Pooch gave me a pile of ammo cans it was over. I will model this thing!

Chopped and channeled! (Note the snorkel)

Getting dummer...
Just a few bits and pieces to go. I'm also going to try to headswap the crew. With Zoaves!

Got em based, just need to paint...



  1. All looking the business Adam!

    I'm sorely tempted by modern 28's as well.

    Love the ACW lads as well.

  2. Thanks Jason.
    Have you looked at the red star models?